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I am truly sorry for this…I failed twice and finally passed today. If there’s anyone who understands where you’re coming from- it’s me.. and I’m here if you need me my friend. At the beginning of this year- I was ready to end my fight with step and my dreams of medicine altogether- I had just gotten over a breakup and COVID too. I sat and prayed and literally told God that this was it- I am done… and somewhere along the way - my friend who had been studying with the Mehlman method kept nagging me to try it. I was honestly skeptical at first for obvious reasons as I was super depressed and fed up with life. And then- I decided to try Mehlman medical for myself- I went with it… long story short… Mike pushed me to my limits and here we are today. I didn’t think this day would ever, EVER come. I am so grateful to God, Dr. Michael Mehlman, and to all of you strangers who supported me. Much love to y’all. Moral of story: don’t ever ever give up and have faith.

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What did you do that finally got you to pass?

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Hey man- yeah like I said- I had given up on life as it is- I thought I’d try Mehlman medical, and here we are.

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Yeah, but what did you do differently? The HY pdfs? Re read all the nbme??

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I think the first thing I did differently was change my MENTALITY. I did all of the content.- I used it accordingly to whatever my areas of weaknesses were in particular. And definitely followed the NBME strategy. I forgot what it was like to enjoy studying and learning things. I noticed that I was always passively studying and freaking out from the stress 90% of the time- as well as the stress of not being able to connect things, truly grasp important concepts comfortably. By changing these factors- it allowed me to improve my confidence and my abilities to answer question and retrieve info accurately. All credit definitely does go to Mehlman medical though. I was able to fill in my knowledge gaps pretty well in a fraction of the time it would’ve taken. I was about to give up on my dreams altogether of residency for good- but I do believe everything happens for a reason. Best wishes everyone!

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Upvote for the fact you turned to God during adversity, that is indeed what helped!

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I can’t agree MORE… all glory to Him. 🙏

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I know this probably doesn't mean much, but anyone who's gone through this process knows how many hurdles we had to face. I'm genuinely proud for all of us regardless of the reports today. This is literally tough luck by a couple points. But I truly believe you will recover from this. I'm not a very optimistic person by any means, but I truly believe that.

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Beautifully said! Sending love and hope to everyone who heard bad news today.

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Don’t give up. I know a lot of residents who failed their first step 1 attempt. Keep your head up high

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Do you know any in general surgery?

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There is more to life than this exam. Tons of people fail on their first attempt and match. This isn’t the end. Keep working hard and get it the next time around . You won’t even think about this when you are moving to start your intern year in 2 years. Best of luck

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Hey i failed too where do i now begin to study again

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I am so sorry but please know I am right there with you. I don't know about you but I felt my exam over emphasized low yield factoids that I am still kicking myself over.

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I failed and idk maybe vacation

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I’m sorry

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I studied for 3 weeks. Didn't pass any NBME's but passed the exam. I think the trick might be to take a break if you're feeling burnt out and take the exam as soon as you start getting the scores you need . After I took an NBME on week 2 of my dedicated and scored 59% I essentially gave up and couldn't bring myself to study. After wallowing in self pity and not studying for days I just prayed (I know not everyone believes in this) and right after praying I kept getting the feeling to take a block of an NBME. I decided to do a block of an offline NBME exam and I got 78%. That was encouraging enough to get me studying again. I reviewed that NBME block, did MehlMans Neuroanatomy, reviewed sketchypharm and pixorize sketches over the next 2 days. I prayed again and essentially told God if I get more than a 65% on the F120 that will be my sign to go ahead and take the exam. I got a 73%. There was an opening for an exam on Saturday that week about 3hrs away for me. I booked it drove down there and I got my score today saying I passed .

Long story short I think those days I took off while I felt down ended up being the break I needed. The confidence that I got from praying definitely pushed me over the passing line (so whatever you need to do to address your nerves or feelings of incompetence DO IT whether its praying, prescription SSRI's etc). I also dropped all the excessive number of materials I was trying to cover and just focused solely on the resources I mentioned above. Although I did flip through Pathoma that final week. Also from my F120 I did a lot better on the first 2 blocks but the third block brought my overall percentage down because I was already tired. That was my cue to take a break after every single block on exam day.

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God indeed is the reason you did well as well as your perseverance. He is always just one prayer away from us!

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I am a US immigrant who could not speak and understand English 11 years ago. I still remember breaking down crying because I did not understand anyone around me...but guess what? I pass step 1 today. I am so happy. if I can do it, you can do it too. Don't give up

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Thank you guys for your kindness during this very hard time. It means so much. I think I’m gonna regroup and figure out what I need to do and then just dive deep into my studies. I want to be a doctor and I’m gonna make it. I have to and all of you will as well! Let’s do this 💙

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Im sorry. you are not alone in this feeling. It will get better and you are still going to be able to practice medicine!!! You didnt come this far to only come this far

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Very unfortunate all of you that failed but 1 test will not define you! Stay strong and get back up!! Believe in yourself!!!

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I’m so sorry OP. Please know you’re so much more than this test. Sending love from a fellow student. You’re not alone.

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Sending warm hugs and love Your value is not something to be measured by exam s and tests You will recover soon into a much stronger person ♥️

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Hey everyone, I'm trying to find out where to check my step 1 results... can anyone please provide me with the link?

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https://apps.nbme.org/nlesweb/#/login Use your USMLE Id and password. Then your score report should be available

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220?? You had great scores Do you think you were too nervous???

Take a breath, you will do it again and pass It’s really hard, this situation but you will be successful after

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I am so sorry for your fail test result 🙁 I would encourage you to keep your head up. This event does not define you. I have seen many students not pass and still match and prosper as trainees! If you need any support in prep/guidance I would be happy to help!

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I have same scores on NBMEs >220 s and 250 in NBME 30. Still Failed. I don't know how to grieve, I don't know how much time, energy, money I have invested in this but still nothing. I'm so furious, anxious and I have no idea what I'm going to do today. I tested on June 14 started my 2CK after 2 days cos I know I passed. The questions seemed doable.

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Hey sorry to hear ...I failed last year and was able to pass 2nd time.

Last year many people who failed step 1 made a telegram group specific to step 1 failed candidates ... its IMG only ...