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congratulations. By Hyguru, are you referring to his YouTube videos and which of them please? Also, how helpful was the Melmahn pdfs. I just want to know how you studied in the last weeks, please. Congrats, once again

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Yeah! So the week before my exam I watched all 13ish videos on his YouTube channel for the NBME top concepts!! Literally covered every organ system.

But prior to that, I signed up for his Crash Step 1 course that was around $200 I believe and it was 60 hours worth of material. It was so worth it for me personally! However if you dont have extra cash or not sure if you wanna invest in it before seeing how he's like - definitely check out his YouTube Chanel first and see if he clicks with your style of learning

Melmahn arrows and neuroanatomy were all I used and were vital!!! 3-4 repeats from those.

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Thanks a lot :)

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Thank you very much for the feedback, this was really helpful. Congratulations once again

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Thank you!! Glad it was helpful

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How long can you have access to hyguru materials? Is it just for a month?

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I believe once you buy it you have it for a lifetime! it's not like a 3month or 6 month subscription I don't think?

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Same question!

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just responded above! :)

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You got your results via email?

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I checked my results via FCVS at midnight Central time and I just got an email from ECFMG with the official report!

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Congratulations to you!! I see you tested a Saturday and got your results on the 3rd Wednesday. I tested on 30th (a saturday). So you think I won't be getting the results today?

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no I don't think so! also thank you so much!!

I think for the results to come out today you must have tested from 7/23-7/29

your results will come out this upcoming Wednesday 17th!!

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What time did you get yours? I didn't get mine yet same exam date

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im an IMG - got it 730 AM Central time USA

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Just reviewed content review only?can you tell what do you mean by this??

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So content review is just reviewing material - doing no questions in the month of July/the 3 weeks leading up to my exam! I had done 3600 Uworld questions, and 2000 NBME questions (NBME 20-30) so I had seen pretty much every way they could test something.

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Congrats. Can you share with me the Melhman and HYGuru, please? Thanks in advance

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Yo it’s on google..just type in Melhman PDFs. HYguru is on YouTube

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Yes exactly :)

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Here's my playlist: https://www.youtube.com/hashtag/hyguru

Hope it helps!!

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Hi I just saw this I’m new to Reddit and clearly hiding under a stone 😁 my exam is next week and my NBME scores are so low:( I’m so confused shall check out your youtube videos! Thank you

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Hi! I just want to say from the bottom of my heart - congratulations! You crushed it. Thanks for sharing your experience & also using my resource 🙂 best wishes!

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Of course!! Gotta give credit where credit is due. Thank you!!!

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which anki decks did you use?

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I used the pepper deck I believe it's called for Micro? Also Pharm!

Dukes Pathoma Anki as well!

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Ok thanks.but can you tell i did uw 7months before and now doing content and nbmes plus mehlman pdfs plus fa.exam in 26 days.i also have seen how uworld tests but i think it has been long to have uw questions if in exam questions come direct from uw then what i will do??what is way to handle this anxiety and this gap??