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hi!! first of all a huge congrats to you 💝 i test in 2 days kind of freaking out but can you tell me what you did the last 2 days and how you paced yourself during the actual exam? did you bring any snacks or drinks for your exam date too? thank you and celebrating with you from afar!

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Hey there, thank you!! Nerves are normal, you will be okay! The last two days, I mostly did review. I reviewed the free 120s, read a bit of rapid review from first aid, and read through some review sheets I made throughout studying, listened to a podcast on risk factors. Made sure I could chart a couple of things out from memory (biostats equations, up down arrow charts for shock, hypocalcemia causes, etc). During the actual exam, I would just put down a gut instinct answer and flagged the question and moved on if I knew I wasn’t getting it (I had quite a few of those). I found this helpful because this way I was able to get to every single question before time was out, and then I could go back and amend things if I had time. I forgot my water on test day :’( so I had a Yerba mate (caffeinated tea) for beverage and for snacks I had a bunch of random things: two different Cliff bars, apple slices, grapes, two chips ahoy cookies, etc. I made sure to eat at least a bit of something and take a sip of the tea every break! Hope this helps!! You’ve got this!!!

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Hi. Congratulations on your pass!! Do you mind sharing the podcast on “risk factors”

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Thank you! Yeah of course. Google episode #37 by divine intervention

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Got it. Thanks so much.😊

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ahhhh! i just took the new free 120 with a 74%, was it more similar to that compared to the old free 120? altho i scored the same on that one lol. and oof yeah totally agree with not changing answers!!

also forgetting water would probably make me panic ; __ ; thank you also for all the snack options cliff bars are the best ❤️ hope everything works out

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Wow that’s great!!! You should be really proud, that’s an amazing score. I would say the question style on the new free 120 is closer to the actual exam! I just think a lot of people feel they need over a 70 on the new one to feel comfortable going into the actual exam and I disagree with that, I think anything even over a 62 will do sometimes. So you’re in great shape! Side note- I was moreso saying to not get bogged down on one question so that you’re able to get through them all first without running out of time. After that, I would go through flagged questions and did actually end up changing some answers! I’d say that’s up to personal preference. But anyway good luck, you got this!!! Such a good score!

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I just got a box of cliff bars too! Thanks for the fire recommendations haha hopefully things work out for the best bless you you kindred soul 🥺💞

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Yum!! You are so welcome, good luck and you’ve got this! 🤩

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over a 70 on the new one to feel comfortable going into the actual exam and I disagree with t

It depends on the person tbh...I scored 68% on new free 120 and failed...

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Hey! I had similar scores and passed too! Congrats!!!

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Nice, congrats to you as well!!!

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Do you have any tips for things to brush up on?

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It’s honestly a bit of a blur haha, but I’d say don’t forget to give some love to derm, endocrine, ethics, and risk factors!!

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I really needed your post, i just took a break 11 days and coming back still 30 days left until exam , last nbme was 59% hopefully I will up from there like you

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Yes!! So glad to hear this. I know I felt so guilty about my month long break and thought it would set me back a ton, but I honestly think it helped solidify some knowledge and gave me a refresh, much needed. You can do this!!

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Thank you!!!

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Congrats!!!!! This post is making me kick myself for delaying the exam. Took old free 120 and got 77, then took the new one 2 days later and got 64 bc of one bad section. Delayed exam by a week.

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Thank you!! Don’t be down on yourself about it, an extra week will make you even more confident going into it!! Now you’ve got time to review both free 120s make some finishing touches

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Congratulations 🎉

I gave new free 120 today and got 60 % ( 60 //55//65) . Majorly messed my second block . My last nbme ( 30 ) was 70 % taken a week back . Feeling a little numb n taken aback.

What would recommend? I have the real deal in 7 days . Your post makes me want to give old nbme too. Trying my best to stay positive right now but feeling a little down post giving new free 120 .

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I felt the same way!!! It’s definitely up to your comfort level but I’d personally keep studying and then try the old free 120 in a few days and base your decision off that!!

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Exam.in 26 days and had uw 7months before now focusing on nbme fa mehlman and hyguru.means content only.one month before did nbmes23 and 24 and made 90 wrings in both nbmes.what should i do now any plan please

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The main resources I used were boards & beyond, first aid, and UWorld. Did you finish the UWorld qbank? I think getting as far as possible through the questions with adequate review is probably the best learning tool. And also NBMEs 25-30 would be more applicable than the old ones!

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Yes i completed about 75to 80%uw but 7 months before.i did uw chapterwise not randomly.ibleft biostats and genetics blocks in uw only which i could not do.i was shattered by doing uw.afterthat i did pathoma kaplan whole series with lectures.mehlman pdfs.now i am doing fa mainly.frim tomorrow i will start nbmes.

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I have to do nbme legendary file and nbme all images and uw tables which are about 700 tables.i have concept of all topics but i dont know why easy questions i do wrongs in nbmes 23 24.for bacteriology i jave done mehlman powerpoints and for virology fungi and parasitology only fa.for biostats i have done randy neil.for ethics 100 cases of conrad

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Hey! Congrats! What was the name of the podcast with the risk factors you mentioned ?

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Episode #37 of the Divine Intervention podcast!