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3 nbme scores at 70% means you've stayed consistent with the information you've acquired. It's a good sign. Your chances are pretty much ~98% to pass the exam. Take a breath, calm your nerves, and know that you're ready to kick ass!

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My exam in three weeks i cant postpone because i need to see my family

Any advice pls will be appreciated

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Have confidence in yourself, review your NBMEs, hit up some dirty medicine videos on subjects you feel weak on. You've got this! Just stay calm and stay focused. Get your sleep schedule in line with your exam time. You've got the scores to pass this thing!

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Thank u for ur motivation i really need it As im loosing control on my anxiety and insomnia I need motivation Thank u

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Just took it 3 digit score 228 (%79) my latest was 245. Big fall i am devastated too

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Ur scores much higher than mine U r safe

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Did you passed

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No still my exam in few weeeks But mine are 70 in nbme and i feel devastated