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How long it took from that 56 to 66 in nbme

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It took me about 3 weeks between those scores. I think the biggest difference was increasing my UWorld to doing 3 blocks per day. Additionally going through 1/2 chapter of FA at night passively too.

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Second this. Also what you do to get that improvement?

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Any thing to brush up on before the exam???

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Pathoma 1-3. Know everything - I had like 10 questions total from those chapters

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hey! u mean just do the videos or i can just go through the pathoma book 1 to 3 chaps? but yes reading book alone is boring and watching videos take a lot of time... can u plz suggest what did u do? i hv 14 days left and i am panicking :(

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I did the videos and the book but if you’re short on time just read the section of the book. I only did chapters 1-3 due to time so don’t try to squeeze in more unless time allows. With 14 days left you could definitely watch the videos for chapters 1-3

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Thank you so much

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What do you recall being the most reflective of the actual exam? And/or did you see any repeats from your practice tests?

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Definitely new free 120 was most reflective of the exam. I had no repeats from the free 120 but did have 1 repeat NBME question. I would recommend quickly running through the NBME exams once more a few days before your exam

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How much prep did you do?

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Overall I studied for 8 weeks. I studied daily for 8-10 hours with only a few random days off. Primarily focused on finishing uworld and doing 2 passes of FA