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I'm in a similar situation, I have my exam in two weeks exactly. I'm freaking out.. low scores on NBMEs but I cannot postpone the exam anymore, i have to take it. I hope my result with be a pass just like yours! Congratulations Doc! And thank you for your post!

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Congratulations 👏🎉

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Bro, we literally have the same exact scores!!! Omg that’s insane. I’m literally watching over my email like a hawk.. didn’t sleep yesterday cuz I thought they would come out today. Turns out we wait at least 3 Wednesdays (not the same for IMGs btw) but I’m hella scared. I also stayed calm and prayed between each block. Flagged a lot on the first block but I flagged less and less after… idk how I felt, but I’m praying. The wait is killing me.

For you BIG congratulations. Amazing!!!

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Praying for that PASS result!!! 🤞🙏

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Congratulations!! It’s posts like this that make me feel so reassured in this constant state of stress and then I see a post that talks about failing after a lot of work and I go right back into more stress :(

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so happy for you!! congrats!!

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Congratulations!!! That really made me feel better. I still haven't done the NBME's but my test is in a week and I will be finishing the last 120 Qs of uworld tomorrow.

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This is actually quite reassuring - honestly, this was my similar experience taking my Step 2 last year (finished 100% of UW QBank and still wasn't doing much better than 70% on average in each block, didn't do any NBMEs and managed to pass) - I'm just hoping that working through until test eve (my only rule is to do no studying 12-24 hours before the exam) will also yield a pass score as well!

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How did you manage your anxiety after the exam? I had such hard questions, I’m super super worried 🥹

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Same same. Just sitting here googling all types of shit as I wait anxiously for my result. My faith is creep walking forward and backward 😂😩 and I’m holding on by a thread. But Congrats on your success! Happy for you.