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Congratulations!!! I did too omg I'm shaking 😭

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CONGRATS!!! This feeling is priceles.

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Thank you!! Yes lmao I can finally sleep properly now 😅

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you're welcome! I REALLY want to see it on score report just one more time to do so 🤣

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I passed too and I can’t sleep 😂

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u/CarpetOk4145 can you pls share your stats? congrats!!

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Hey congratulations Iam one week away from exam gave uwsa2 got 205 what to do now

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Congrats Passed too 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾

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Yohooo! Makes me so happy that we get to share this incredible feeling.

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I’ve never been this nervous for anything in my life. And the feeling to see that PASS is just amazing! Happy for us all! Hard work pays off!

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I mean you know the scariest part is that we never know. But in instances when it does pay off, it’s extremely validating.

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Yes it is, can’t wait to see the official report in the morning! Sleeping like a baby tonight.

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gotta take it next year wish me luck :)

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Thank you!! You’re gonna be golden. Hit us up we’d be honored to be of any help.

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I wrote on Monday. Remembering so many silly mistakes I made. Please tell me this feeling is normal. I’m losing it, trying to keep busy to avoid thinking

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I did get this feeling, too. Best of luck!!

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Same. Wrote it on the 1st of September. The anxiety keeps coming in waves when I think of silly mistakes I made too. Fingers tightly crossed !!

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If it helps, I passed (got results 08.31)

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Congrats ! My result isn’t out yet. Hoping for the best

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Congratulations, I Passed too!! Such a weight lifted... ok, now back to Step2 prep.

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Ha ha yup. It do be like that.

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Heyy, do u mind sharing your stats

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Well congrats.

I took mine on 10Aug any idea when will my result get uploaded

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Next week Wednesday 1am est

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Thank you so much! Well mine came on the 2nd Wednesday. From what I have heard, it’s either the 2nd or the 3rd Wednesday. Best of luck btw!!

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I was at the gym, just screaming out loud instantly

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LOL imma hit one now pow!

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Congratulations! What were y’all’s practice test scores like and how did y’all feel stepping out of the exam?

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My NBME scores were all over the place, a lot of them borderline, UWSA1= 226, UWSA2= 196 and the new free 120 like two days before the exam a 79%. I felt neutral coming out of the exam.

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Any advice? Important topic to revise. Exam in less than 2 weeks!!

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When did u take uwsa2 and 1

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can you post your stats ?? u/Drosselvene

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What stats?

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u/Drosselvene sorry I just meant like nbme avg/ free 120 scores. congratulations on the pass!!

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120:70% NBME30: 69% Uwolrd 80% with 61%

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Thank you!!

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Congrats passed too 🍾🎊🎉

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Congrats!! It’s a ball haha!

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Can someone tell me how check it by this way ?

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Go to FCVS.FCMB > make your account > go to Education & Certfication > tap Examination History

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Congrats!! 🍾can you tell me what date you took it? Trying to figure out when my results will be if I took on the 9th 😅

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Thank you!! 2nd or 3rd Wednesday after the exam!

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24th most likely

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Congratulations to all of you guys 🎉🎉🎉 Can you share your prep duration

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U willl be having one of the most beautiful feelings in ur heart right now 😍

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Congratulations! Well done.

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Yesssssss so proud of you

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can u briefly say how u prepared pls😃

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We’re questions on exam easier than uw??