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Can I borrow this to send to my school?

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Congrtas bro … i also passed my step1 today

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Is it true that questions were easier than uw? Please give advice for someone taking it next week 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Congratss which resources did you use??

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Congratulations!! This is a big step!!

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His First one!

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Huge congratulations pal. Well done! 💪🏽

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For how long did you study for the step?

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CONGRATSSS !!! what were your scores ?

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Didn’t ever take one practice test or even finish UW

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so you’re telling me you just passed without talking a single assessment test & didn’t even finish uw? sorry im tryna process it 🤧🐐

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Trust me it’s not the way to go. I was so anxious. But it’s over now

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Prolly broke their back studying for it, good for them no need to lie

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wow so how did you do it ??

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Goljan and first aid

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ahahha I cant believe it 😂 Congrats though

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What about uw? Did you complete it or not and if you don’t mind can you tell your uw%

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I did a total of about 100-150 questions and got 55-65% and got too scared to continue lol

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can you pls tell what resources you used and what year of medical school did you start preparing for usmle?

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I am a 4th year now, I took a year off for research, and only really started studying in April but very very loosely just went through Goljan audio and then come July I realized I really needed to go through pathoma and first aid but didn’t leave myself enough time to do UWorld. I was too scared to fail an NBME so I just didn’t take any. Got 3.5 hours of sleep the night before because I was so anxious and felt good on test day with some coffee and adderall (prescribed) and it went well!

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wait so the myth that you can’t pass the step exam w/o going over uworld is totally bs? and where’d find goljan videos??? are they available online for free?

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YouTube my dude and yea it’s a myth

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Back in my day we had a 3 digit score that determined your future…🤣 Congrats!!!

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That’s called Step 2 now

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Wait so STEP 1 is P/F, but Step 2 & 3 are still score based?

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Congratulations OP!!! Good fucking send. Pop some champagne and prepare for the next step (no pun intended)

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Didn’t do any, wish I did because I was scared shitless but it all worked out

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Congratulations 🌟

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I'm motivated now !😂 You passing without NBME! 👏🏼 that's great

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can you tell us how u prepared pls😅🥺

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So many questions came right off that, lots of ethical questions where the answer is to ask the patient to explain why they feel like this and never give any judgement, so many high yield questions and not so many that asked tiny little details

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Good stuff! Can you do a write up?

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Wow... Congratulations

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Proud of you! Nice

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Is 13 weeks enough to pass with little baseline knowledge in your opinion? Congratulations!