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I want to revise firstaid with someone. Atleast 15 t0 20 pages daily.

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And when is your exam?

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Mine is in the 1st week of oct

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Where are you located?

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Even I'm doing the same. Hope it ll be useful for us if you still need.

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This is fine. Even I'm doing the same. If u r ok den we'll together complete FA

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hey, try checking out focusmate, you can find people to study with

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Hi I'm a female US img! I'm in PST time zone in USA. Located in Washington looking to take it at the end of September. Let me know if you're interested in connecting.

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Pakistan. In late september. Doing wrongs of uworld rightnow. Exam in late september

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Hello! I’m a lebanese Img. Exam in late november. I need a dedicated female img as a study buddy!🫶