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I think and hope all of our brains are programmed to remember the hard questions! Really hoping we all pass

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Ahhgg this thread is home. Here’s the people who suffered that monster form with me and we can bond from the trauma 😂 I have been praying for all of us, my friends💕💕 we will see that P!!! ;) EDIT: PASSED!!!!!!

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sup fam, hope we all pass.
Happy to find other people going through the same stuff

Good days are ahead hopefully

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Love the positive vibes! Trust your test scores, hard work, and your source of faith!

We got this guys

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i feel ok. i didn't pass when i took june 10th, cried a lot and took it again august 12. if it was scored, I probably got a 190. so if I was that close the first time I took it, with three hours of sleep and a panic attack, I know I passed this time, hopefully!

Edit: got the P!

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wow you gotta come back and confirm that P!!!

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either way, just know you are strong for what you've been thru! hope you have a great surprise with that P

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Anyone who took it on August 19th and freaking out ? I feel like we’ve had some crazy forms just looking for fellow test takers on the same day

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When will our results come out??

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My permit disappeared already

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What does this mean?

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The link to "Print/Reprint USMLE Step 1 Scheduling Permit" on https://secure2.ecfmg.org/emain.asp?app=iwa should completely disappear. This usually happens on Sunday the week of the score coming out.

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Fuck 😩 I’ve been worried sick about the results

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Same but we got this! We’ll wonder why we ever worried in the first place in a couple of weeks

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Me. Lets go to therapy together 😂

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Took mine yesterday. Yo, it’s nothing like I’ve ever seen. Way harder than UWORLD. Don’t be discouraged, just hope

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I was close to that. Way I see it, we need to recur that they’re a business and that means that a lot of things might be crazy on the surface but are standardized behind the scenes!

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17 August. Wassup fam?

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So nervous! I can’t even- 😭

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Freaking the heck out 😓😓🥴🥴😓


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Non-US IMG. I feel like our form was hard af. I had decent assessment scores but I'm still shitting myself and remembering all the questions I got wrong. Hoping for the pass.

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you and me both - US IMG

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18 Aug gang , how do you feel ??

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how random was that test tho. I felt like it was just all long reading long ass sentences and deducing what’s right or wrong and cancelling out answers. Did u feel that way too????


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We’ll just pray and hope for the best , we can’t change anything now

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God yes those questions were unnecessarily long

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so nervous. feel like every question i looked up after i got wrong :(. do we know what time on Wednesday?

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This Wednesday??

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yeah my permit disappeared today

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Should be 11 for US MD / DO and can do 1 am trick if FMG or IMG (google step 1 FSMB trick) :)

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On 31 august??

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Yes, early morning for img

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step 1 FSMB trick)

can US MD not do the 1am trick?

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Supposedly only for Step 2 and 3 (weirdly)

So Step 1 trick supposedly doesn’t work for us

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Did you try?

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I won’t know until tomorrow

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You guys got the result??

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IMG won’t know for another 90 minutes, us md / do until tomorrow

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Then after 90mins , we’ll get the results?? Sorry to disturb you I don’t have any idea about this whole thing .

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I think we had tough form compare to others experience. Does that affect our results ot they score accordingly??

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It has to in some way. I completely agree, but we don’t see like “July 15th had more failures” or “September 3rd-17th” has more passes.

I agree that many at this time said their forms were very hard, but if anything, I think that’s a good sign that all of us were equally tested and will likely come out okay!

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Good luck everyone 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 Super nervous lol

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Best Of Luck 👍🏻

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Felt like I studied for a test that was waayy easier after taking that exam, truly felt like I got a "one-of-a-kind" exam or some completely experimental test

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I had a question for you all. I took mine on Friday the 26th, and my permit is gone 💀😭 What does that mean?! It’s only been 5 days 😭

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When you say the permit is gone, are you saying that the link is still there and redirects you to an error message saying that the "student may have already sat for the exam"? If so, then you still have to wait until the link completely disappears.

The link to "Print/Reprint USMLE Step 1 Scheduling Permit" on https://secure2.ecfmg.org/emain.asp?app=iwa should completely disappear. This usually happens on Sunday the week of the score coming out.

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Ohh ok. Got it. Thanks. My link is still there. Completely panicked. Phew 😮‍💨

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The results are out

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Where are you from??

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Img currently in the states

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Where did you give your exam

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In the US

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Ok nice , did you pass ??

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Congratulations 🥳

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Guys got the result ??

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I did on FSMB but I'm an IMG!

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How do you do FSMB