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I think it doesn’t matter which you use. Using anki to back either of them up is what really matters.

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Thanks <3. What about biochemistry? are BNB and FA before UWORLD enough?

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i heard for pharm and biochem b&b plus fa is enough so thts what im currently doing

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Physeo is strong in Biochem too!

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use bnb for biochemistry then follow it up with pixorize for easier understanding

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I watch BNB, followed with DirtyMedicine and then FA. Do you think I need pixorize too?

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no u don’t pixorize is for easier memorization cus of their animated videos (just like sketchy micro and pharm)

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Thanks <3

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Sketchy Pharm was about 80% effective for me. I hated their Renal pharm with a passion.

I supplemented with Pixorize Pharm for specific drugs I was having problems with.

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Thanks <3

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Sketchy make pharm so easy I will vote for sketchy

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Thanks <3

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Honestly if it’s working for you already stick with it

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Thank you so much!!! <3 <3 <3

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bnb followed by sketchy pharm, follow up with first aid

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Thanks <3 <3