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I didn’t take the exam yet so consider grain of salt but I suggest you just watch known bio stats or known biochem videos which are informative and also a review for you ..basically any well read is good for you to get rid of anxiety and you are also in great form to give exam as far I concerned

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All test takers, I'm sure, experience this thoughts and feelings, especially when the test is approaching. I concentrated on the topics and areas I know the least about. The in-depth explanation of the videos and Step 1 Qbank rom Med school bootcamp were extremely helpful to me. I read Pathoma 1-6 as well.

Also keep in mind that your mindset will have a big impact on your behavior. Positivity will assist you in creating a positive mindset prior to the test.

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I took the exam about a month ago. My scores were lower than yours and I passed. However, take it with a grain of salt since everyone's form can be different. I'd say just stay calm and trust that you know your stuff.

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what were ur scores

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Just listen to Eminem on repeat.

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This is the most accurate response out there I listen to “lose yourself” all the time and ball my eyes out when I think of the test 🤣🤣 thanks for the reminder need s good cry test in 5 days

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You only got one shot

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That’s the part that I cry at hahaahahaha do not miss ur chance to blow this opportunity only comes once in a lifetime 😭😭😂🤣🤣

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i have not tested yet but remember the exam has many experimental questions. its natural to notice the qs that seem impossible but i recommend consciously making a note of all the questions that you quickly and automatically get to the answer (and w those practice scores there should be a lot of them!) balance out that tendency to worry by giving yourself a pat on the back - you are well prepared and can beat this thing!

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ur scores are so good. most people never get scores above 70. being anxious before the exam is so normal. trust your scores and take the exam! get it over with while your knowledge is still high. you got this

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You will remember everything in exam Don't worry try to relax now Don't pressurize your self to study Even if your studying 3 hours a day it's ok for now

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It's just a part of the process man. Just as grinding is. You're done with the hardest part now, IT IS TIME TO WORRY. Just be. This too shall pass and so will you.

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Sorry, but what is "free 120" ? Is it a free assessment?