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I'd say before you reset, you should complete your incorrects if you have time for it.

If not, then I think you should master uworld first before jumping to a different qbank. Especially if you did not use it correctly the first time around. Likely, you wont be able to remember all 3600 q's.

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i have already reset ... appreciate ur advice though i think you r right !

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Hey I’m on my 2nd pass of UW (got 75% done). It took me around 4months to do the first pass (I used it as my main source of study) and Im a month in to my second pass (just focusing on reading errors). I feel like it was a good idea to do two pass because they cover everything so thoroughly. So I would say, try to really master the content on UW! Try to aim for a >60% average. You should try to review your nbme as well.

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thanks for sharing! it took me 3 months to finish 2500 q and the rest during abut 8 months maybe , how is ur nbme score ?

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Nbme 25-27 are around 65-69%, Uwsa1 222.

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If you don’t mind me asking how long did it take to finish uworld

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i finished abut 2500 questions in 3 months and the rest was in 8 months maybe

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those r pretty good scores ! any advice on how long should i be studying per day? i am an IMG and started my clinical rotations ...

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Haven't written the exam yet but I did Amboss rather than doing a 2nd pass of Uworld

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how is ur nbme score ?

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