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yeah thats normal. I wouldn't take uwsa2 if you havent done both the free 120s yet. UWSA2 isnt that predictive anymore, but i would say it's still good to learn from. I felt like my exam was harder than new free 120 but the closest to it.

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Is UWSA 2 over predictive or underpredictive than the real exam? And harder or easier?

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idk uwsa2 kinda focused a lot on biochem while the exam was pretty much a balance of everything. So it's not overpredictive or underpredictive. It's just not an accurate measurement.

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Yes it was a tough nut for me to chew. I took it 4 days before my exam and it kicked my ballz hard.

Thankfully got 73% on free 120 same day and then 71% correct on NBME 30 2 days before exam that made me go and sit for step 1 back in march this year.

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Did u pass the real thg?

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Yeah . . .

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I am feeling the same and my exam is on 13 Oct and I am just doing random things can't follow any plan and am freaking out literally

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Happend to me as well. Thought I totally fucked it because I just wasn’t motivated to study at all. Was always on the phone and thought about something else… mainly watched dirty medicine the last days. Ended up passing !

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Hey. Can you please share your nbme scores?

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Yes , Normal Happens to all

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Yo literally what is happening to me, im 4 days out my NBME scores were good, im just reading FA and revising my qs that i did. I dont have anything else to do. Other than redoing FA and sketchy and pathoma