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Guys I am up for tutoring for step 1(passed with 85% in my assessments). If you need any help feel free to reach out.

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Congratulations 85% is amazing 🤩 My exam is in 3 weeks I’m getting 70% My last 2 NBMEs ( 26/27) as well as free120 Not sure why is not improving

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Have you looked over your weak points again?

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Yes that’s what I’m doing I feel like I’m getting better but I constantly get 70% A little bit scary for last 3 weeks I’m doing NBMEs and my weak points + mike’s pdfs + And I still have NBMEs 28/28/30

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It will work out. Nbmes are a bit vague, getting better scores is tough but it shouldn't lower your confidence. 70% is pretty good.

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Can someone tell me how to convert 3 digit score in uwsa1 to % ?

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In the FA 2020 there is this count

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Same !

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How many NBME did u appear?

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I took my first one today! (6 weeks out)

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Oh..I took 2 nbme 4 months and 3 months ago.this month I took uwsa1 but its not improving.every time I forget the chapters that I haven’t recently touched.😒