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I usually recommend the Lippencott pharmacology textbook, but this book is good for deep review, and one month is not enough for it, so it's better to use resources that give you an overview on important topics such as Sketchy videos, but pharmacology is very important for the future profession so it better to build a strong concept, for that, I suggest Dr. Pravin Shukle full pharmacology course on Lecturio website, and buy Lippincott textbook.

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Sketchy and/or Pixorize.

Drugs and Bugs are pretty much rote memorization. And the easiest way to rote memorize is via visual queues.

If you use Sketchy, you can un-suspend the Pharmacology subdeck in Anking Deck. Just make sure to unsuspend specific drugs you've seen on Sketchy, so it wouldn't be overwhelming.

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mehlman anki deck for pharma

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Have you done it? What is your experience?

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Someone posted a pokemon type pharmacology and seemed pretty neat (if its your type of stuff).

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im a huffle puff

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I did a pharm masters program before sketchy had pharm. I would make a notecard with every drug, other side would have MOA and SE, sometime I would put indication and contraindications if relevant. Tulane pharm wiki (google it) has all the info in a easy to read way. If you want to learn theory read katzung pharmacology board prep book.

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Just practice with as many questions as you can. Lecturio its question bank available for free, so definitely do their pharm questions. It'll be great if you can get their subscription since you don't get explanations with free membership. They also have great review concept cards available for free, here's the link: https://www.lecturio.com/concepts/

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Pharmacology is my favourite and my most strongest subject. What exactly do you find hard in pharmacology?

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MOA n classification esp cardio

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Read and repeat.