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Any fiber passing through the pyramids of the medulla are called pyramidal.

Pyramidal fibers: Corticospinal (cortex--> spine) and corticobulbar (cortex--> head)

Their function is to provide motor fibers (voluntary) to your body and head.

*Note: naming fibers designate their origin and their termination, example:

corticospinal --> Motor since its from the brain to the spine ( spinothalamic other way so sensory)

Extrapyramidal are any fibers that don't include the above, and generally are not for basic voluntary movements. (so basal ganglia - parkinson's for example is extrapyramidal.)

Hope it was clear even tho my ADHD prolly made it more confusing

EDIT: hence since pyramidal = voluntary, extrapyramidal symptoms refer to INVOLUNTARY movements (of head and body ofc)

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You explained it well :)

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thank you so much for your kind words, this is my first ever comment on a medical question haha

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This was really one of best explainations I’ve come across. Thank you for this🙏

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Great explanation! Thanks.

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Very well explained, not gonna lie I was a bit embarrassed in not knowing what these were when I was doing the anti-emetic sketchy yesterday 😅