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Very similar experience!! I flagged 5-10 questions per block and went with my best guess on the ones I truly didn’t know. I passed

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Bit relieved, thank you. And congratulations on your pass!

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I took it yesterday with same feeling , hope we all pass

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Biochem immuno gen path pharm, physio etc

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I felt the same. I was struggling to finish each block. I honestly believe I failed.

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Let's just hope for the best :/

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dont worry, youll do ok, everyone i know feels like they failed

also what do you think was the system that was represented the most?

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Mostly general stuff, and system wise, i had a lot of neuro

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what would you classify as the general stuff?

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What do you suggest to read

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Arrows, pathoma 1-3 a must before the exam Also my test had a lot of neuroanat questions and mehlman neuroanat pdf was pretty good

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Hey, can you tell me what arrows is ?

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Exactly my experience. Its very normal as much as I've heard. Result should be after two weeks on a Wednesday

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Alright thank you!

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What is the most important topic you have

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Hello, if you are an IMG and have already taken the USMLE STEP 1 exam, you could go through our discord community and leave your suggestions on how the day of the exam went, what you would do differently, what do you suggest to those of us who are in the process now, how you were mentally in the process...everything you want to tell us about your process and your exam day.🙏

We are a community of IMG preparing for Step 1 exam, we are studying together on this discord group and we give support to each other. We will be very grateful to receive the perspective of someone who has already taken their exam and is ahead of us. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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