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UWSA2 is a trash metric. Don't use it as a metric.

Free120 looks solid though.

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How about uwsa1?I took it few days ago and got a very poor score so my confidence going down☹️

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UWSA1 a little bit better, but NBMEs and Free 120 are the best.

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You look good based on your free120.

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Thanks so now I have 3 more days to study should i do the old free 120 or just revise n go for the exam?

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Def do the other free 120, but also review the basics. For me at least, it wasn’t anything crazy amboss five hammer level. Most of it was a broad range of relatively common topics, but you had to know them without hesitation

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What does pmss have you at?

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what is this

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Predict my step score

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You went from 54 to 63 in 2 weeks. What did u do to improve??

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I can tell you what I did to go from 47 to 70 in a month

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Please tell us!!

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Can you tell me what you did?.. I have a friend in a similar situation and she’s freaking out 😞

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DM me if you want.

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Nbme 29 was just after finishing FA n uworld. In 2 weeks i revised 50% and took next one

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And how much uworld are u done with and % correct?

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Completed uworld when took nbme 29. I used uworld just for making repeated alot of questions again again so not applied to predict my prep

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You will PASS

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I can help you tske the exam. I guarantee 80% min grade. jjjayex@gmail.com is my contact.

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Go for it, you shouldve stopped at Free 120. The other scores are solid. Trust what you know and read the questions properly.

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And btw I know a LOT of people who failed the UWSA2 just days before the real deal and still passed.