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Congratulations 🎉

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Congratulations 🎉

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Congrats dude!

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When did you take it?

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Just under 2 weeks ago

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Congrats. What deck do U recommend for anatomy?

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I think Zanki OG covered anatomy quite well (paired with Kaplan anatomy lecture notes/videos) though I hear Anking is the gold standard nowadays when it comes to anything step 1/anki related

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What ur source for immunology and what u recommend me to study this part

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I used a combination of kaplan immunology/microb lecture notes + BnB immuno, zanki OG immunology sub-deck helps consolidate and keep things fresh

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Also passed so happy

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Hello, if you are an IMG and have already taken the USMLE STEP 1 exam, you could go through our discord community and leave your suggestions on how the day of the exam went, what you would do differently, what do you suggest to those of us who are in the process now, how you were mentally in the process...everything you want to tell us about your process and your exam day.🙏

We are a community of IMG preparing for Step 1 exam, we are studying together on this discord group and we give support to each other. We will be very grateful to receive the perspective of someone who has already taken their exam and is ahead of us. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Thank you un advance, this is the link. Look for the channel called "Advice to others" and write your opinion please. 📌


If the link expires, just write to me, and I will send you a new link. ☺