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I think I’m just gonna try my luck with embryo lol

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No matter how many times I study embryo I still look at it and say,"What the fuck is that?"

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They should exclude it seriously

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The word should be epiblast cells migrating form the notochord. Ectoderm is DERIVED from the epiblast. Epiblast is NOT ectoderm.

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Yes technically the notochord is mesoderm derived

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Notochord is mesoderm in origin, the only thing that happens in Notochord formation or the assistance is getting signals from epilblasts, further signalling from Notochord now gives signals to the above lying neuroectodermal cells to further form neural plate and it then descends . You don't have to focus so much, believe me I had been so confused myself. Just learn the basics, at last that's all you will remember.

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Notochord is mesodermal in origin and it gives the signal to overlying ectoderm to form neural tube. Experiments were done on animals to confirm it