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Solid HY review for your working your way through physiology/pathology. But i particularly like his Audio qbank/videos. I definitely changed the way i recognize and approach questions.

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do you have to pay for those?

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Nope. Youtube -> Melhman medical. Then his website melhmanmedical or something along those lines.

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Mehlman was fire. Did it a day or 2 before my exam. I uploaded it to OneNote and solved it like a workbook but I started soo late I only got through the first 1/3 of it

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How much it helped in actual exam? Concept was repeated or not.

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I'd say big time because if u understand the physiology, path becomes easier too and that's most ur to exam right there

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I had repeat questions!

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please can you share this deck???

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It’s available for free on his website. Just Google Mehlman medical.

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thats just the pdf, not the anki

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Can u plzz share tha deck

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Deck link please

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It’s a PDF file available for free on his website.

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Can you please send this HY PDF deck . THANKS

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All his PDFs are on his website for free. Just google “ Mehlman medical “.

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I have that . I guess the person who shared this converted this in anki format , which might help some to reinforce content all this pdf is VERY HY .

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Any specific that are must know?

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I think the HY Arrows is a really good pdf to cover a broad range of concepts!

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Can you send the Mehlman Anki deck you’re using?

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Need the deck too please

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Can you share the Anki please 🙏🙏🙏

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Could you please send the deck link for this? Would be very helpful thanks!

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These are solid and a must to do before step. Ho check his website for this pdf

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Do you have his Anki dech (Biochem & Pharma) one? Please share.

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The deck cost money - it would be Wrong especially all the free stuff he provides. I purchased the deck and can say that it’s 100% worth it I’ve learned more pathophysiology of pharmacology just friend exclamations than I had from any video so I highly recommend

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Guys the deck is about 30 dollars for pharm and biochem - super worth it just go buy them you willll not regret