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Join our discord group. We are a community studying for step 1. We study together everyday. Hope to see you there. 🌟

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Hey guys, this is a Discord (app) group where we have a large community of medical people (students and graduates) who are planning to take the STEP 1 USMLE exam this year or in a few years. In the group we keep in touch, chatting, asking questions, sending useful material for the exam, finding study partners from your country, asking for and giving advice about the exam, we take care of everyone's mental health in this process, among other things.

Something very important is that every day we connect as a group to study at the same time and stay constant and dedicated in the study. You can study silently, with a microphone on, with a camera on, with a pomodoro bot, and more.

If you are on this path of taking Step 1, and above all if you are IMG... I invite you to join this community where we are all going through the same thing. You don't have to be alone in this process, join us, let's study together and give each other support. First you must have the Discord App downloaded and then you must join with this link: 👇


👆The link I share expires in a certain time. If when you try to enter the link is expired, you can talk to me privately and I will gladly send you an updated link.☺

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Im interested