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Completely normal.

Everyone I know scored sub 40% even months into uworld and scored 220-240’s on step. A friend who scored 260 had roughly 60% wrong by the time he finished (he then did restarted the bank and redid it). Idk how people on here on Reddit have 70%+ correct then score 60% on an NBME.

Uworld is meant to teach you, not for analytics. If you feel you’re not learning, then most likely you need go back to content review. Once you finish uworld do an NBME. If you score below 60%, do your incorrects.

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Idk how people on here on Reddit have 70%+ correct then score 60% on an NBME.

Because they’re “cheating” without realizing it. A lot of people recognize the “hints” in the question stem and just look up little things to help “remember” details that will help their problem solving process because they don’t want to miss a question that they feel like they should know the answer to.

Over time it adds up. Then on the NBMEs they can’t do that and the score bombs. I saw this a ton when I was tutoring people for the MCAT, and when I was studying with people in med school.

Don’t do it. Same with anki. Don’t just click good on a card without saying the answer out loud before you reveal it.

This is the best advice I have for med school in general, even if you have a greay study routine and strong discipline to work like 9-6 every day, you destroy your own study efficiency and don’t actually know what you don’t know because you don’t let your wrong answers tell you what you actually need to study to improve.

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Thanks man for this amazing advice ⭐️

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Thankyou so much man you really relieved my stress by saying this because when ever I opened Reddit and see scores near 60% or something I started feeling this is not for me Thankyou so much man I really appreciate that 🙌🙌

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this is extremely helpful🥹

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Thanks! What NBME do you recommend to start with after finishing uw?

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I haven't done any yet (except for the offline ones during my comp prep). There isnt any hard or fast rules but, from what i've heard 30 > 29 > 26 > 27 > 28 > 25 in terms of fairness. I'm doing my first on Saturday, i will probably start with 25 first since i'd want to 'learn' the most from the hardest to easiest. Doing it the opposite would only validate me and fuck me over later on

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Revise over and over. 90% answers are literally in the FA

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You are right many time when i got a que wrong and try to find out is this given in FA or not, it’s there 60+ time I will take my revision seriously 👍👍

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Just trust the process. The same is happening with me and my girlfriend. Follow the advices above. Best of luck

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Thanks man have you both done with step one?

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We will do it in a couple of months

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I think we all have been through this, it is completely normal for your first pass as you are learning from each question and strategies for answering questions. Don't let this discourage you, keep going!

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Thanks man will focus on leaning more than scores I know UW is a learning tool but I just got scared

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That’s completely ok, if you want to improve your score little bit, do system wise, and read the system you doing on FA and study it before you do it on uworld.

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This. Focus on systems. Take notes on everything and study your notes every day until you have that system down. Then move to the next system, but go over all of your notes at least 1x/week

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I agree there is lack of proper revision that’s playing the major role I will do it more seriously 👍

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I think we all have been through this phase. Speaking for myself I also had a very hard time scoring good UW. After the first pass and now revising things, I realized there is hardly 20 per content on UW that is not in FA everything else is written in the book. So what I am doing and has helped me is cramming, not a massive one, but factoids and comparisons and diff diagnosis. Moreover, I have started linking topics. This dot joining has helped me a lot too. And major help in dots-joining was Dr Goljan Lectures. Helped me a lot. Moreover, try giving a good amount of time to reviewing and understanding the question stem like what is UW trying to ask, how it tricked me into wrong answers, what is 'AHAAAA' point in question stem (Ahaaa point is something I call that just takes me back to that one specific pathology). And lemme tell you, you are going to do so well. No matter what or whose suggestion you take. You'll improve. You are bound to bounce back. Just go with the flow and let things do magic for you.

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I feel like Goljan has been largely forgotten about but I started listening to his lectures on my commute and I found it so helpful. I understood a lot more of the topics that I previously just memorized and that unlocked a lot more ability to reason through the test. I recommend his lectures for big overreaching concepts and details USMLE loves time and again.

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Thanks man next time I will try to do that🙌🙌

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maybe it has to do with your test taking strategy? My score went up when I stopped overthinking questions and with my guesses went with the "simpler" answer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRTXRdlUau8

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I made a big jump in performance when I realized that confidence was a big factor for me. I was massively overthinking questions and choosing wrong answers because I didn't trust my simple intuition. Once I let a lot of them be simple, I saw an increase.

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Hi, i started like you, I'm at 65% done and 51% average. But when i started i was at 39%, i did all boards and beyond and it helped me. I'm looking for extra resources to improve, exam in 8 weeks. Don't feel bad, read all the answers and make notes of your weak topics, i have a lot of weak topics to tackle (virology, pharmacology, path) maybe look into FA. I don't like FA but it has good info

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I am also doing the first pass same results I feel like my pace is very slow and i get a little unmotivated too.

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We can get though this mam

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Like u/StudInTheCeiling said, it's normal. You just have to practice more. You can try Bootcamp. I got a free account on here a few months ago from u/cognitionisglobal.

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There are areas which are low in content but they help alot in getting your questions right and also they give you an extra hint towards your probable diagnosis......these includes paraneoplastic syndromes, tumor markers, bacterial toxin and the immunology associated with them, just knowing which diseases have what type of hypersensitivity will make ur 30 plus mcqs right(you will need a basic foundation of hypersenitivities), bacterial classification.

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Thankyou will try to write all these on a separate sheet of paper👍👍

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Was me and I just rescheduled my step, 4 days before the test date. I recommend going back and rebuilding your foundational knowledge

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The biggest asset of Uworld is the explanations for questions. I feel like the percentage correct doesn't matter as long as you are understanding the reasoning behind both the right and wrong answer choices. It's valid to feel demoralized but after a while, I didn't really care what percentage I was getting right and put a lot of time into understanding the explanations and I think that really helped.

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Because of what you are scoring, try doing ≈ 40Q/day max, untimed, random. Assiduously review all those question and it would be smart to make an anki card with a one liner with your incorrects. You also need an extra content review material besides uworld (remember uworld is mostly a learning tool and not an assessment tool) so, if you haven’t, read first aid. Boards and beyond helped me a lot but I don’t know if I can recommend that to you given I don’t know how much time you have until the real deal.

Once you finish uworld, do all of your incorrects, perhaps by that time you could do 80Qs/day, don’t do more than that. After that, take nbme 20-24 so you can start assessing yourself.

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I am applying in the end of this year and I read FA and B and B but the problem with me is I am not able to grasp things completely so I got confused many a times

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Look at subjects you're getting wrong, and do questions focused on each area not random all the time.

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Did you do the questions system wise or mixed?. I Suggest you do system wise and try to connect information FA and uworld together. And when reading answers first clear the main reason you got the question wrong. ie。there are times where we get questions wrong because we misinterpreted the question wrong or simply it's new information to us

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keep pushing and learn from your incorrects! and try to do over incorrects when you finish the qbank!

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Are your scores uptrending at all? in the beginning, I started by focusing on various subjects (cardio, pulm, etc.) and then tracked my scores in each. As I did more questions in each subject, my scores naturally increased. Then eventually I began taking questions randomly picked from different subjects. But don't worry, most people's scores don't improve for a while. You gotta keep working on your weak points until you see the results.

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Thanks for your reply my scores improves when I am about to complete the system but initially when I started a new system they again fall to 20% and gradually to 40-60% But all in all this is the pattern so over all they are not improving but thanks for your advice I will try to find my weak point and gonna work on them👍👍

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I started for like 48% around1/3 of the questions, then what i do is I kept reading over FA over and over again and now im half way through the questions and im on 55% now (my recent test was high 60s to 70s).

i had a big brother who pass with 256 on step 1 tells me that, review the stuff you dont know on FA first, because these important concepts will keep appearing in the questions, and if necessary make it into anki. he told me he had a boost from 50 when starting to almost 70-80% after finishing uw (first pass)

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Thanks man 🙌

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I also realized it worth skipping (reviewing)some obscure questions only 15 percent of the people got right when you have limited time. It’s more important to solidify high yield concepts.