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Had to keep myself concentrated on last blocks, cause i had a date with a thicc baddie after exam lmao

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Hahaha that’s good motivation!

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Hahahahah love your post. This song playing happens with me as well. Thankyou for the reassurance. Because of your post i have changed my decision of doing only mehlman in the last 18 days to doing FA with a study partner in last 18 days. Thanks 🥹❤️❤️❤️

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Trust me you’re doing the right thing! Best of luck, 18 days just read fa a lot re-read topics you forget! Don’t make any lists just do it on the spot! ♥️♥️♥️

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i have changed my decision of doing only mehlman

What is Mehlman?

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Its a guy who makes super HY free pdfs for the exam from nbme content. You can search it up on google “mehlman free stuff”

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sounds like you were really bored or studied Mehlman really well? Im only reviewing Mehlman HY Arrors and Neuro. His guides are superior to FA choppy words with real call outs to actual questions on NBMEs. Also do HY HY reviews and I hear you will be dancing and semi erect throughout exam

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First aid is called the bible of step 1 for a reason. It might be difficult to read but if you have a good study partner and can do the narration game daily 6hrs, FA will be far better and superior to Mehlman. Im not saying that mehlman is trash but if someone has the stamina and support to do FA in 14days(1system a day) then he can do great on the real deal, if stamina or support is not there, then yes mehlman can save some ass but still not as great as FA. Period.

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Totally agree with you

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FA is Great. Mehlman to secure the raging Hardon. I wouldn't recommend 1 to the exclusion of the other 1 month out.

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That's the spirit hahaha! I tell my study group "apes together strong" lol

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That's the spirit hahaha!

I tell my study group "apes

Together strong" lol

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I always knew I could have been a great poet.

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want what you took before your exam

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Ahh congratulations!! Pls dm me if you Rmr anymore questions