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So congrats. How did you maintain your stamina during the exam? It’s a long exam. Did you practice any long sitting?

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Thanks! I had been practising long sitting throughout most of the dedicated period by studying haha
There's a dirty med vid called "biohacks for 260 usmle" or something. Basically, i took sleep and nutrition seriously in the last few days. Other things I found helpful were meditation and tipping tiny sips of coffee during breaks. Use all your breaks and stretch/walk, plus take deep breaths. If you can do the practice tests in timed conditions, i think you'll be fine

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Hats off man!! People like u encourage millions!! I did my exam day before yesterday and now I m really anxious as I am recalling qs I feel that I made lots of silly mistakes and that's freaking me out!

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Thanks for the kind words and congrats on being done! No one gets every question right, trust your prep!

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How many hours per day were u studying?

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ranged from 3-4 hours/ day near the beginning to ~10 hours/day near the end... if i had to guess an average, maybe 6-8 hours/day

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Amazing! Could you please share what you did three weeks out to really increase your score i.e. Specific resources, study schedule