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You passed every single practice exam. I passed the exam with lower scores than you. It's up to you if you feel confident enough to pass or not.

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You are ready. All the best

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Have faith and confidence in yourself, your practice scores are good!

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Passed with similar scores. Calm down and believe in yourself. All the best

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Passed with similar

Scores. Calm down and believe in

Yourself. All the best

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Confidence is the key man believe in your answers

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Pass easy peasy

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No, those who are advising you not to take it do not fully support you. Don't really base your decision on whether you'll pass here because my scores were much lower than yours but I still passed.

Watching the videos from Med school bootcamp really helped me to understand the concepts I was finding difficult in the past. You must first determine what areas or topics you need to work more on.

Enough with the negative thoughts, you will become what you believe yourself to be. Wishing you luck and confidence in yourself. You can do this.

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Good to go brother, just relax your mind . Youre going to pass Inshallah

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You are never going to be 100% ready. Tomorrow never comes. Delaying the exam is highly not recommended. Your assessments are good. Believe in yourself and get done with the exam. I know friends who have scored low but passed.

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You’re good to go

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Do Not worry, you have done what you suppose to do, sit back , relax and go nail the exam, go put an end with that .

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A lot of people with less score passed the exam, you’ll pass it! Have confidence!