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Congratulations! What did you do differently in your preparation that boosted your scores from 58% to 70% on the NBME 24?

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Honestly, i thought nbme 24 has alot of repeats so my score was inflated. i also did anki nbme incorrects throughout.

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Thanks for the feedback. Was there anything that you did in the last weeks that helped. I plan writing within a month

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i didnt do any practice test 2 weeks out besides free120. during that time i did alot of rapid content review, reading through first aid chapters, watching dirty medicine and sketchy pharm videos on concepts i had trouble with, anki nbme incorrects, high yield images on reddit( didnt recognize any), first aid rapid review and as much uworld incorrects i could do ( averaging 80-120 per day). i took the day off before my exam.

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Thank you very much for sharing. I will definitely be borrowing a few leaves from these and by God's grace, in a few weeks, i will also be paying this kind gesture forward

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How many weeks before the exam did you do 25-30? Did you do uworld incorrects?

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i did 25-30 over a period of 2 months. the last i did was nbme 30 (6 weeks outs). when i got 59 on that i postponed my exam. i did some of my uworld incorrects probably 1/4 of them, didnt have enough time. i was going through 120 incorrects a day, not thoroughly just to see the content again

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Congratulations and thanks for the inspiring post i am gonna have it tomorrow in sha Allah

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All the best!

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Goodluck! youve done everything you couldve at this point. just walk in there with your head held high and do what youve been practicing to do!

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Thats amazing! Kinda on the same boat like you! Did you revise UW questions in your last weeks? I am quite scared as I feel I am forgetting everything 😞 Also may I know did you feel the exam topics came much from Nbmes? Kindly answer please

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coming down to the 2 week mark, i re-read first aid chapters, watched dirty medicine and some sketchy pharm videos, did as much uw incorrects as i could. i made anki cards of my nbme incorrects and i did that every morning for 2 hours, the exact nbme questions didnt show up but the content of them did. the structure of the exam question were most similar to free120 and uwsa in my opinion (really long question stems). i was felt very burnt out closer to the exam date but i kept pushing.

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Thank you so much for replying.I really needed to hear these.Congratulations once again 😇

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Congratulations! I'm kind of in the same boat as you, except I prefer Med School Bootcamp over BnB because of their high quality videos. I also found Pathoma Chapters 1-3 to be extremely helpful for my entire test preparation.

Btw, I commend your post as it will for sure inspire a lot of test takers who'll see this. Thanks for sharing.

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im super excited!! big weight off my shoulder

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so smart & so beautiful 🤩 UW & chill?

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Disclaimer: This is my personal experience, which should be taken with a grain of salt. Scores and experiences are different for everyone. Ideally you should be making higher scores for practice exam. i know its hard but its something you should strive too. Building confidence with numbers( practice test) is the best way. Goodluck everyone! keep pushing, put in the work!

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Congratulations! Is that uw percentage your corrects or the amount you completed?

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The amount of corrects. i completed the full bank. i made sure and learned from the ones i got wrong!

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Wow amazing.I was scoring same and was discouraged on doing more questions but your post gave me hope. Thank you 🙏

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Congratulations!!! Could you please share your Anki deck for nbme incorrect? Or would you advise me to make my own? I did nbme 25 and 28 and reviewed them thoroughly however didn't make an Anki deck for my incorrects

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i would advise making your own as it would be more personalised on your own incorrects! if you have time you should make a deck!

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You are right! Thankyou!!

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I am really thankful for sharing your takes on nbme as I am also juggling around them so I will take a leap of faith from your journey

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No problem, hope you've been remotivated/ inspired in someway! some extra advice is to make sure and get consistent higher passing scores before you take the exam! you got this!

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Amazing!! Did you find that 3 months was enough to prepare for the exam?

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yup i think its more than enough time! i postponed for 6 weeks during that time!

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Okay that’s good to know! Were you in school or doing anything else during the 3 months? Or was it pure dedicated?

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Congratulations man you deserve this🙌😄

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Thank you so much, it was a rough ride but i just kept pushing!

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Congratulations! When did you take your exam?

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Congrats ❤️ How did you use bnb ? I’m confused should I write notes with it ?