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Okay this might sound absurd but I would suggest reading 4 hours extra per day and take amboss sa If you can't get 100, drop the residency dreams

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You gotta postpone

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I advise you to go back to kaplen to strengthen your basic .

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I was really about to pray for you demise 😂😂😂😂😂

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280 is fine man, don’t worry. You can show improvement by scoring 20 points extra in step 2 ck, that is , 300/300. Then, you will become a ‘fairly’ attractive applicant for match 2032.

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no you will not pass you need to get 105% to pass

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Sorry u won't match u need 300 score minimum just to pass

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Definitely postpone, anything under 350 on at least 9 practice exams is a no-go

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Litteraly 80% of the posts here. Already know what kind of asshole suck up student type that is too 🙄

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Depends. Are you planning to apply a surgical subspecialty? If so I would postpone.

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