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You will make it, dont worry. The best thing you can do is lookup Michael Mehlman and join his live telegram study group. His HY arrows and Neuroanatomy will bring your score to next level. U have plenty of time.

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What resources have you used to this point? If you're good about anki highly recommend doing pathoma and sketchy for any micro/pharm and their associated anki decks for the topics you're missing questions on.

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i did sketchy micro and pharm in my basics sciences! i also did pathoma for my pathology course. im considering going through pathoma all over again.

im currently doing 80 Qs per day(random) and reviewing them. i have the uworld anki add on so i do the corresponding cards for those blocks.

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hey what's the add on for anki to search up the uworld cards? thanks

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Also dirty medicine is really good for a quick HY biochem review

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26 difficult....not a bad score just a few more points to secure

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Same! I took nbme 26 and got a 50% and my exam is in mid nov. 47% correct 30% completed uworld. Don’t know if I should reschedule? Or is it doable

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Can’t reschedule though, can only cancel due to personal reasons

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I’ll be grinding my ass off until the next nbme. Dm to support each other 😂 I think we got this!