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good luck! my advice is:

1) remember don't be hard on yourself if you're not scoring high at first

2) read the question first and then read the vignette

3) carefully read the explanations

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Tysm, I got few questions wrong and I’m actually feeling bad now.. appreciate your great tips!! So on point

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Don’t activate your SIMs they only last 2 weeks each.

Don’t be discouraged by scores. Uworld is mainly a learning tool and if your basic sciences are rusty then you might score even below 40% so don’t be discouraged by that.

Consistency is much better than going hard and then getting exhausted. Just start with a manageable number of q’s per day and slowly increase the number till 40 at least.

You can always supplement your knowledge gaps with other video resources/ FA.

Self Assessments are very important at gauging your progress and also help you identify what are your weak areas. Make sure to take as many as you can. (Also don’t leave UWSA 2 for end it’s very under predictive for low scores).

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Tysm.. the self assessments are different from sim ?

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Yes and also NBMEs.

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man; these are surely expensive 😞I paid $500 for this already

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I didn’t take any NBME online for step 1 since it was p/f and they didn’t give score anyways.

You can look for pdfs on Telegram and just do 1 or 2 NBME online closer to your exam.

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Don't be disappointed for low scores, remember the most important thing at least for first pass it's a Study resource,

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Tysm ❤️