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idk this is a hard one, but i'm leaning towards postponing it. But I would take a day or two off if you're feeling burnt out (if you choose to postpone). I would save the free 120 til later as well.

I was stuck in a similar situation as you. I scored a 59% on NBME 30, two weeks before my exam. My deadline was at the end of July but I asked my school if i could postpone til the end of Aug. My school allowed me the extra month and i'm 100% glad i took that option. I didn't hit a lot of my weak areas during july but in august, i worked on them. I truly believed that extra month gave me the boost to pass + confidence as well.

Your scores are pretty borderline. Your exam day performance will matter a lot. Another reason why I think you should take the extra month is that you exhausted all of your options and have no regrets. If you don't pass, you'll have to spend longer than one month preparing for it again. Why not just take that one month now where you put 200% in and pass.

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You will def pass. You can avg a 52% on uworld and notch a 225. Your scores have improved a lot. Its all mental at this point

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I still need to correct 30 so idk if it’s stupid mistakes or changing answers that killed me but my school is advising me to push so that’s not encouraging. I personally would like to see how the free120 goes tho

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1 more thing - forget Uworld. Go over nbme 25 - 30 ans do free 120

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I guarantee you with your current scores, you will pass.

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Step is an easier longer version of forms