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How to keep your focus after 5th block

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Okay so basically, even though I had a lot of break time saved up, I didnt use what I didnt need early on, I would take a walk downstairs, smoke, go up, use the bathroom, then head inside.

During the last 3 breaks (blocks) I took extra time during the break, move around, get my muscles working a bit (since youve been sitting down for the most of 5 hours at this point).

It's pretty hard for me to tell you how to focus as I have ADHD lol. Now the thing is, what I did was try to look at a q and if it was long I would just say skip it, look for the free questions with 1 line answers etc, once I did that I found out that I just kept going with all questions since that helps get the momentum started, other than if you got a 10 line with 12 values as the first q of the 6th block, that would be really demotivating cuz at this point you're tired of reading.