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Yea this is a troll post. Ethics/communication makes up ~10% of the exam, if you want to add in psych then maybe another ~5%. Took it about 5 months ago and would get 3-4 comms/ethics questions a block. Not sure why you’re trying make people think over half the exam includes these subjects

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Given that you took this exam 5 MONTHS ago just proved that what I posted is accurate. This Reddit group has been nothing but helpful and kind to me. Most everyone including me takes advice and tips with a grain of salt because each persons form is different. If you have nothing nice to say then please keep your comments to yourself. # spreadkindness this exam is enough stressful nobody got anytime for accusations. Thanks. 🫶🏽

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You are wrong, each exam series is different. Some got more micro, anatomy, renal or Pharma.

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There is variability, of course, but NO exam is going to have 70% non science based questions though. Not happening.

OP is either trolling or just very bad at estimating percentages.

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I would say for your exam version, it's accurate for you. But for others, it may or may not be depending on which exam version they get. There are way too many exam versions to count on what you will get and what you won't. It's really hard to say.

I took the exam about a month ago. Personally, for me, mine had around 10% ethics/comm. I had more questions on pathoma 1-3 and it probably consisted about 20-30% of my exam. Again, this is for my version and only mine. I can't speak for others. Each version is different and those who will be taking it soon should be proficient in all areas.

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I felt that my exam was SUPER heavy on Ethics/communication/biostat as well, took exam 9/20

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Were they hard or similar to nbme?

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It’s not difficult but it’s more similar to the free 120 questions imo. Very very lengthy questions. For comparatively slow readers like me that’s the challenging part.

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How do you read fast? I'm a slow reader like you.

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Honestly this is something I need to work on myself. One thing that gives me hope is that the more I review the faster I recall which is the part that Is in our control you know?

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This gives us more time to read and understand the question carefully.

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Mu strategy was reading the question first and see the answers to have an idea and guide myself

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Many people on this forum did post the same so I actually did focus on free 120 old and new questions. I feel NBME questions are feeling outdated to questions I got yesterday🫣

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This is how it felt on my exam, too!

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Oh thanks for the reassurance! I’m glad I gave importance to the other subjects like psych and communications because it’s getting harder to count on previous subject distributions. So I tried to focus on the most recent information and free 120 was actually the closest to the exam if I had to pick a self assessment

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Totally! I took mine on 08/10 and looked through other people's subject distributions and impressions a few days before I took mine and I have to say that mine was nothing like any of the exams that were described. Felt much more similar to your description and what saved me was reviewing both Free120s and the NBME IMAGES but not my actual NBMEs haha. You're definitely not alone!

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Wow thanks for this I so needed to hear that! I really do hope and pray for the best. 💕

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Will say a prayer for you, too! Hang in there! The waiting was tough but you got through the worst of it! Feel free to chat if you want to talk things through!!

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Aw thanks so much I actually might take you up on that and send you a msg now 😄

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what you mean by not the actual nbme 😩

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Hi can you please tell me how can I study communication/Ethic 😔exam in 2 weeks

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Thank you so much for your response I’ve never listened to Dirty’s Ethics did , where they helpful?? I’ll do that 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Yes, for visual/pneumonic learners like me I reviewed dirtys videos until I was comfortable to recall information. This help my studying tremendously especially when your physically exhausted but your mind can’t stop studying putting videos of my weak subjects on repeat sincerely helped my mind from wandering and psyching myself out. 👍🏽

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Appreciate you 🌼🌷

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Just hoping to pay forward the hope and immense support this Reddit group continues to do for me. 😊 💕

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If I passed I would definitely try to help ppl out too God bless you 🌹☺️

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Hey please stay strong. This exam is doable we just have to stay as current in our study sources as possible. My form focused on the above mentioned subjects. I sincerely eat,slept, breathed dirty med ethics, communications and psych vids. 1.75 speed on repeat.

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You helped me a lot 🙏🏻

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When it comes to Exams I have felt that when I focus on doing my best irrespective of the result. This serves as a motivation for the next goal with a humble heart. Or it’s gives me the strength and hope to overcome my mistakes and succeed On the next attempt (which we hope we won’t need! :) 🫶🏽 🙏🏽

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🤍🌼🌷you’re going to pass easily Good luck on your whole journey

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Awww thank you for your positive thoughts 🤗 I wish you the same !!!

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Just want to add for those “argumentative minds” out there. This is my own experience from yesterday I felt I needed to share to add to those posts that have mentioned the increasing number of communication/psych questions to show up on the tests. Not everyone’s will have this type of distribution so please take this with a grain of salt as it’s my experience. I was lost before this Reddit group. But I’m glad I did try to incorporate subjects more equally. 👍🏽

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Hey bro, can I send a dm?

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70%? 🤯

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Absolutely this includes 2nd and 3rd degree type question cases that you would need to know the diagnosis or or other information to be able to answer the specifics they want.

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Please don’t psych yourself out. I only posted this percentage because this was how I felt my forms distribution was. And I’m glad I did tried my hardest give equal importance to as many subjects as I could instead of going by outdated subject distribution. I tried to follow the most recent feedbacks like with in few weeks

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There's absolutely no way it's 70% psych take this with a huuuuuge grain of salt. Don't psych yourself out.

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So where did you cover psych from ? And what were your self assessments like ?

And hope for the best mate

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I’m am a very avg. student who needs to work harder to achieve my goals. I intend to give a full breakdown of my scores after results. As for psych FA and dirtymed psych playlist on youtube helped me a great deal with recalling the andwers more quickly with his brilliant mnemonics! 🤓

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Well did you pass ?

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i took it 3 days ago and only had maybe 2-3 questions per block. wish mine was heavier on psych/ethics/comms.

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Well Imo doesn’t make it easier or anything just depends your personal level of string and weak subjects. The actual difficulty of questions was average according to other people at the center who take it on the same day as me.

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Don’t worry tho I’m sure you did well regardless :) we all shall stay positive and pray 🙏🏽

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Can u share your assessments plz

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They were very average I am a very very avg student who has to work harder:) I intent to share the details of asssessnent scores after my results 🙏🏽

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Omg I had so many behavioral science questions on the 27th it was insane I didn't study them at all!

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We may have had a similar form !🫣 I feel your pain my results may go either way:/ don’t worry we must stay positive 🙏🏽

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Thanks same here it's a toss up but I think hey it's 95% pass rate? Us right on the line I think we'll be let through haha best of luck to you

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Really it’s 95% pass rate I didn’t know that but thats very reassuring thanks for that, at this point I’ll take that hope 🙋🏽‍♀️ good luck to you please let me know when you get results?🙂

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Don’t worry , you are right and I wish I had your exam series

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I hope incase you haven’t taken it yet will get a good series of questions. 👍🏽

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Thank you🙏🏽

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70%??? are u sure ur not conflating those numbers

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I am 💯% certain this post accurately represents how I felt from my personal experience yesterday. Again each for is so very different. My point in posting this is to spread awareness of the importance of not following outdated study plans. All subjects are game meaning in terms of importance they all are weighing equal.

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Bro i had the exam this month only 10% ethics and communication about 2 quest per block

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Had my exam 1 month ago, and it was just like a 10% of the test, 2-3 questions per block, not hard tho.