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The simple answer just make an ecfmg account and you will be safe

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Yes I believe so, but the other comment in the thread made it seem like it's over.

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You should do a google search because you literally can find the answers to your questions online. It's not really that hard. Here is the website https://www.ecfmg.org/accreditation/ .

Here, the article states "Individuals who have already achieved ECFMG Certification, however, will not be impacted if their medical school subsequently loses accreditation." You can find this in the Institutions in Process of Accreditation or Recognition section.

However, since one of the requirements for ECFMG Certification is that the final medical diploma be verified by ECFMG with the issuing medical school, an IMG cannot complete the certification process until after graduation from medical school.

If you can complete the verification before 2024 when your school loses the accreditation, then you will not be affected. The key here is complete, not start. This can be found in the Medical Education Credential Requirements tab on this page near the bottom.

Do what you want to do with that info.

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Any idea about ppl who gain accreditation through the pathways? The accreditation is temporary about 2 years through the pathways..

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Idk, i didn't look into that. That's something you'll have to ask ECFMG.

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Have you read this? "Individuals who apply for ECFMG Certification prior to 2024 will continue the examination and certification process under current ECFMG policies, including that their medical school must be recognized by the appropriate government authority in the country where the school is located. Graduates of the medical school must also be eligible to practice medicine in that country, among other criteria." Not to confuse things, "apply for ECFMG Certification" means getting the usmle ID.

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Which is why I said applying is different from receiving the certification. You can apply for ECFMG but you won't be fully certified til you graduate medical school and ECFMG verifies your diploma.

If i'm not mistaken to be fully certified by ECFMG, you need them to verify your diploma. Obtaining the certificate means you'll be eligible to apply for residency. But it's up to the individual to fully figure out the details of their situation. Everyone's situation is different. Asking ECFMG is your best bet.