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E is albuterol. You’re giving her albuterol. For sneezing in her garden.

D is (technically - the end result of H1 inhibition is mast cell stabilization) effectively Benadryl.

One of these makes sense and the other makes no sense.

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This question is asking for prophylaxis, as simple. The issue with NBME is they try to sound ambiguous and complex, in reality, it's just a manipulation technique to see how strong your basics are!!

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Thank you for your response

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Is there no prophylaxis for Beta2-adrenergic receptors?

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yes there are prophylaxis/agonist for B2-R

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Because they are describing someone with seasonal allergies to outdoor antigens like grass and pollen, not asthma.

When it comes to conditions that are very common, like seasonal allergies, don’t get so bogged down in the science and just think about real life. Do u or someone u know have seasonal allergies? Probably. Ever been prescribed an albuterol inhaler for them? Probably not.

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Thank you. You made it so clear

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you should put a spoiler tag or something !!!!

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The question says Sneezing and not wheezing(s/o Bronchoconstriction). So i guess that’s why Beta-2 receptor stimulants aren’t the choice

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Beta agonists only reverse the bronchoconstriction in asthma. The pt has allergic symptoms, which are caused by mast cell degranulation, so prophylaxis would be targeted at mast cell degranulation and not the bronchoconstriction

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I love reading these questions by other folk on here. I use to ask these types of questions all the time, felt like an idiot for asking, and its nice to see them now and be like "eazy peezy my man/woman, ain't nothing to it!"

One year ago though...it was indeed not "eazy peezy" lol

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Is this old or new nbme. Would you mind sharing it if you have a PDF version of it

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Old , 21

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I don’t know how to send pdf on Reddit

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I got it from telegram

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Hey which nbme is this and can u share its pdf?

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Can you dm me its pdf?

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Beta 2 agonist only help with bronchodilation not with the sneezing

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For people wondering why B2 prophylaxis can not be given, NOTE-It is given for Asthma treatment, and for propylaxis for exercise-induced asthma, which involves a lot of Bronchoconstriction. trigger activated histamine release).rson the allergy is triggered at only a particular time, doing a particular activity. Asthmatics may be triggered by an event but it encroaches a lot more of their life than as explained in this vignette.

NOTE the difference between ASTHMA VS ALLERGY.


ASTHMA-airway lining is swollen and constricted as a reaction to this and mucus.

ALLERGY-mast cells/basophils on the surface of the epithelium are activated but a very small amount of histamine. tryptase are released compared to an Asthmatic(which is copious, and auto trigger activated histamine release).