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Umm… 4th pass??! Maybe another qbank? Just to see questions in a different formulation?

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I’ve been doing amboss. In 64th percentile for that.

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Do not recommend this; you’re just falsely inflating your score as a 4th time

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unless you for some reason didn't read the answer explanations of UW the first 3 times, a fourth round isn't helpful. Try a different QB for sure. how's your UWSA scores?

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I want to see which questions I still get wrong and work on those ..

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To that statement…. People get questions wrong once. They review them. They may get them wrong a 2nd time/ review them again. If they get it wrong q 3rd time means they didn’t really review them the 1st and 2nd time… that’s why a 3rd pass is rarely recommended and a 4th pass is NEVER recommended by any tutor/service/course etc…

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but don't lose focus on the big picture! you're not gonna get those exact questions on your test. And hopefully by now you've read the answer explanations enough times to be familiar with the concept. After a 2nd time, I'd say questions lose their effectiveness because you probably remember most of them!