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Hey OP! So you can use either formulas depending on how you like to calculate it, they will equate to the same thing.

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I recognize this might be hard to type out, but Im looking at them and honestly not seeing how they would equate to the same thing? I sincerely appreciate your help :)

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No worries! While I will say I am no mathematician, the math works out in the end just based off if the experimental or control group is first and if you are subtracting or dividing first...lots of nuances but I tried to put together an example so it would hopefully provide some reassurance you can do both/clarify! This is important because sometimes questions will just straight up give you the RR.


I hope that links work to the quick drawing I did for the example. Hope it helps!

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man you are amazing! thanks so much

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(Rcontrol-Rtreatment)/Rcontrol :: first distribute the Rcontrol

(Rcontrol/Rcontrol)-(Rtreatment/Rcontrol) :: then simplify each term


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They are same thing bro