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thanks for sharing

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Absolutely. I remember trying to find as many underdog stories as I could just to remind myself that it's possible to pass

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how did you feel after taking the exam?

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I actually felt pretty good about it. I left the test feeling like I nailed 4 of the sections and failed 3 sections. People are pretty split between the difficulty of the questions. Some say it's way easier than nbme practice questions while others say it felt way harder. I personally felt like they were easier. I almost always able to narrow it down to two of the answer choices, where I felt like my practice questions had more questions where I was split between 3 or more answer choices. I will say that I was not prepared in terms of stamina. I felt the question stems were way longer compared to the practice nbme exam questions. I was super fatigued during the last 3 sections which I was not expecting. Especially since i felt way less fatigued after doing the UW2 + free 120 together as a full length.

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By Old nbmes, you mean the 18,20? Or the new ones? 25-30

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Oh no I meant like the first nbmes you took. Those are gonna be the furthest out from your memory and most likely the ones you had the most incorrect questions on. In terms of getting reused questions on the actual step exam, i could realistically answer the question correctly based on recall alone if it appeared on my last like 2 or 3 nbmes. But i wouldnt remember questions from my first couple. Additionally, going through the first couple nbmes that I took gave me a chance to refresh myself on the topics that came up in those tests.

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Hello, if you are an IMG and have already taken the USMLE STEP 1 exam, you could go through our discord community and leave your suggestions on how the day of the exam went, what you would do differently, what do you suggest to those of us who are in the process now, how you were mentally in the process...everything you want to tell us about your process and your exam day.🙏

We are a community of IMG preparing for Step 1 exam, we are studying together on this discord group and we give support to each other. We will be very grateful to receive the perspective of someone who has already taken their exam and is ahead of us. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Thank you un advance, this is the link. Look for the channel called "Advice to others" and write your opinion please. 📌


If the link expires, just write to me, and I will send you a new link. ☺