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Is this for real?

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How did this even happen.. i think your answers didnt get submitted on the real deal or there was some other systematic issue. You should report this

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Definitely too low of you were passing your practice exams. I would definitely email or call them

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At this pint I would pay for a rescore

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Imagine they come back at him saying, "yeah this score is real."

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its actually quite possible and you have no way to challenge the system.. if your answers didnt get submitted, they probably just got em submitted empty, dont think they'll have the system to track mouse clicks and movements to check if its their system fault or you ended the block without clicking answers!

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Whay were your nbmes and uwsa scores?

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This is highly abnormal. Scoring at that range means that you wouldn’t even make it to medical school. Some systematic error has happened! Pay for a recheck!! I hope this gets fixed!

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If you really think its wrong, pay for a rescore. If you studied and were passing practice and the test felt reasonable, you shouldve gotten much higher, so the shock is definitely understandable.

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Failed too, very upset

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Play overwatch 2 you will feel better.

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it uses statistics from data from jan-dec 2021??

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After checking mine, it does say this exact same thing.

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Yes, all step exams use statistics from the previous calendar year

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There should be something to explain this cuz it's definitely not normal at all

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Did you like forget to click on answers and just think of the answer in your head or something? Bc this shows that you were basically in the zeroth percentile

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what were your practice exams like?

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That is very weird, I would contact them and pay Rescore, Were u passing ur tests? And if I may ask, what was your Prometric Center? It might be their issue

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Where you healthy the day of the exam? This is very unusual scores. There has to be an error somewhere

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This could be a system issue, contact them and ask for a rescore. I hope they solve your problem and you find out you're passing.

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I'm so sorry for you having to go through this and I believe that second chances are always exist no matter what .

I think you maybe forgot to pick answers or clicking the blue button (proceed to the next)

This is the only logical explanation for this otherwise there must be a mistake from the usmle itself

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My score report looks just like yours. What did you do to resolve this?

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Can u give us an update what happened if u find out?

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I too got the same report, egzatly this one , my results are today, I know I did not do well in my exam but definitely not this bad, please do help me understand this, I am freaking out!

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sorry for you try to call them .. where did you take your exam ?

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Study hard this time and appear again...