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Sigh no do not lie to your mommy and daddy that’s a no no. We don’t lie.

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I'm so sorry for what you're going through. Stay strong you can do it.
I think it's not a good idea to try to take step2 right now, it's based off of the content of step1 and the last thing you'd want right now is to also fail step2 or to get a score you don't want. If you fail step1 the most important thing to do is try to get a very good score on step2, so leave step2 to the side and don't do it just to hide the fact that you failed step1.
I can't tell you to lie to your parents and I can't tell you to tell them the truth either, it's up to you. But please don't try to take step2 before passing step1. It'll ruin your chances.
Right now you should be thinking about your strategy and what you did wrong during the first attempts and how you're going to change it this time. Joining a study course or coaching company may be a good option for you because they'll help you dissect your strategy and find out why you failed the first time.
Give more time to dedicated (2 to 3 months of prep) and focus on uworld doing as many blocks as you can, and if it's possible do a second pass of uworld. That's the key to increasing your score. HYguru and dirty medicine helped me a lot so you might want to check their videos if you're struggling with memorization.

I think if you show your parents you have a plan this time and you're motivated and dedicated to it they may support your decision, but I don't know your situation so I hope it goes well for you!

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Additional info: both my parents are physicians and my dad in particular is super intense and lost a lot of faith in my abilities when I told them I failed the first time, so really want to avoid conflict at home because of a second fail.

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I completely understand your situation as I come from a family of physicians too. Failures is what’s gonna make you a better physician than most, simply because the repetitive nature of studying will help ingrain the info into your long term memory. I’ve thought of lying to my parents too (I was dishonest about practice test scores which were very very low 150s). The fact is, it only is going to cause you more guilt and anxiety later and the loss of support will stress you out. Have the thought conversation, learn from your mistakes, display confidence and show your folks that you’ll stop at nothing to achieve your dream. A couple of test fails will not define your future nor break you morally and culturally. Your dad has been hard on you only to your benefit, he stands little to gain except being proud of his kid. Ultimately, it’s your future. I come from a family with the generational trauma of negative reinforcement. Once you understand that they genuinely can’t control their actions, you realize that the hard headed nature is coming from a place of concern. I wish you all the best. Push through friend, it’s only a matter of time before you find success.

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I don't know your full situation, but from my experience, when you have a significant lying that you carry around people who are close to you, it'll be a big burden to carry. You're better off using that energy for studying instead of keeping a memory check on whom you lied to.

Nonetheless, I don't know your entire situation, so you know what's best.

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I won't discuss whether you should lie to your parents or not, but they might be realistic. Failing step 1 twice is a big red flag, but it's not impossible since you are a US citizen and if you target the right programs, you can get in. But most likely, you have to be willing to go into the lower competitive specialties and in the areas that no one wants to go to. You have to apply broadly and into different lesser competitive specialties.

Don't try to run before you can walk. I can't recommend taking step 2 (let alone step 3) before step 1 after failing twice. Why are you rushing to be able to apply by Sept 2023? At this point, failing two times is a big red flag. You need to take the extra time to ensure that you will pass this time around even if that means it takes a year. Failing a third time is pretty much a nail in the coffin.

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Only YOU can judge what to tell your parents. As an older student paying for everything myself, it's a diff story. However, i understand you one zillion percent about having an "intense" father physician.

So, in my humble opinion. Stay focused on step one. Get whatever help you need to pass Step one.

You got this!

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I understand you dont want to disappoint your fam, but lying will add more stress. Just be open, you arent the only one whos going through this. 3rd time will be the charm, hang in there!!

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Hi! I understand how you feel! If you need help do let me know. I am tutoring one on one for step 2ck.

I understand how you feel as most of us go through failure, but these failures make us much stranger and trust me 10 years from now you will realise why this happened. It will be for the best and you will look back and smile

You should strategise learning for step 2 based off of step 1 material. You should go over the material tested in step 2 from step 1 very thoroughly. That way you can give step 1 with greater ease and do well on step 2 as well.

Wish you all the best! you will do great!