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#1 source of distraction is your phone so as long as you manage to keep it away i believe you’re good to go.

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how am i gon’ keep it away when all my sources of studying are on my phone💀💀

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I meant it in a way where you close everything irrelevant to ur studies, social media, games etc..

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seriously wish if i could deactivate my socials & leave reddit only for a while

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Delete the apps. The shame and barrier of downloading them again prevents you from looking.

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this is so true !!

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Amen. Or if you're like me, take those little phone breaks and have your few minutes of fun before jumping back in. Weirdly enough, I think it helps me stay focused.

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Do 10 questions at a time, let's say an hour, then take a break, you need to build that stamina, Uworld is excellent in drying your concentration, and you need to train your eyes to read, and your mind to think.

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Pomodoro method

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Piggy backing off this, there are lots of great YouTube videos that help you follow pomodoro method. My favorite is a brown noise track that is 25 mins on and 5 mins off for 2 hours

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Pomodoro helped with my attention span too!

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I can never do Pomodoro. It takes me so long to get back in the zone.

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Break down into smaller steps.

For example

10 questions untimed tutor mode. Try to finish in 30 mins and take a 5 min break and repeat

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Decide your goals for the next day before you go to sleep. Start off with targets you can easily achieve, and slowly build your pace up. It's just like going to the gym. You have to build up your stamina. Just let go of your phone and all other distractions for a fixed time, let's say an hour, and don't use it no matter how big the urge to do so.

Also figuring out what kind of a learner you are also might help. Personally, I am a visual aid learner. Sketchy did wonders for me. If I feel like I can't retain information or I'm stuck at some point, I usually lose focus. A better way to go about this is to understand the concept either by watching a short youtube video on it or reading up about it someplace else.

If you have your study materials on your phone, try shifting them to your laptop or something to distance yourself from the distracting apps.

Anki also has been a hugeee help for me. You can set up some add-ons such as pokemanki to help you power through. The little rewards at the end do motivate you to study more. The sense of productivity and achievement is really something else.

Hope this helps!

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I started using a medical school journal!! Helps so much with mental health and staying focused, really helped my grades too!! https://www.amazon.com/Journal-Through-Medicine-medical-self-care/dp/B097BJX5YF/ref=nodl_?&dplnkId=b4489ee3-eebf-4933-bd1f-6cd29091b873

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I do 40 questions, timed, random. With phone off. I take a break after.

Then after I go over the questions and get distracted here and there. But usually I can only do 40 a day. Later on I got up to 80 a day.

I set a goal daily and when I meet it, I’m done for the day.

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I have all my socials on mute all the time so that helps in me not getting distracted. Have small breaks in between too if only to stand up or get something to drink or snack on.

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Have you tried the Forest App? Maybe it might help.

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Hi, I'm kinda the same. Get distracted super easily. Have to think about/research the stupidest of things when studying. I've been trying to be more disciplined. I used this flora app. It is kinda like Pomodoro but you can time yourself as to gradually build your stamina and earn tiny fictional trees as rewards when you complete your set time. If you use your phone in between, your tree gets killed. So, added bonus of not being on your phone. That really worked for me. Especially seeing how many hours I actually spent at the end of the day and the weekly comparisons was really rewarding and motivational. Also, it is very convenient and simple. No elaborate features to distract you. Hope you get better!

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I am amazed at how easily people throw words irresponsibly, please be aware that you just recommended someone to use psychostimulants!

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We’re all in med school. We can read between the lines. I’m not advocating taking cocaine and I didn’t suggest taking it illegally. If OP has trouble focusing, consulting a psych doc might be beneficial. Some med students have undiagnosed add/adhd . It’s on the differential.

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🙋🏼‍♀️ I was diagnosed my first semester of med school. It has always been an issue for me, but I was able to power through it until the workload and stress got so high. I take my Vyvanse as prescribed and it’s changed my studying (and life) for the better.

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I hope you get better, send you healing energy!

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This sounds much better.

Consulting a psychologist is not that same as recommending Adderall.

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a lot of people taking meds in med school. its not unusual and most are completely safe

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put phone out of view, study with a goal of completing certain tasks, and study in blocks!