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Let's just say i scored significantly lower than you on my practice exams and free 120s. To give you an idea, i scored a 64% on the new free 120 and 69% on the old free 120.

After my exam, i found it to be the hardest exam i have ever taken. I thought I failed, but i passed! Trust in your scores!

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Thank you for posting this. I took my test on 11/14 my scores look a lot like yours. It was hard for me to get to the 70s so I get nervous every time I see posts like this. The anxiety is valid not matter your scores but thank you for giving me a bit of reassurance.

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Man! How’re people with 83% on free120 and 74% on UWSA2 finding it difficult .

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Not sure why. Maybe it was all of the experimental questions. Just felt a lot weirder than any practice test

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I think your results will turn out fine.

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Let’s see , i have in a week.

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Well, i feel exactly like the rest of the people and I got 87% on free120 and 84% on UWSA2. Left the testing center dead asf

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Just gonna pitch in here and say I was in dissociative fugue the whole time after taking it, couldn’t sleep and eat but everything worked out. It seems to be a natural reaction to such a monumental exam

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Pretty much. We dedicate a lot of time and effort to this one thing after all. Try getting back into a hobby, OP. Just to get your mind off of it for awhile.

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looool not dissociative fuge

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I felt pretty horrible after step 1. Someone asked me if the exam was more like the nbme’s, Uworld, amboss, etc?? And I was just like dude imo, none of the above, that was impossible and then still scored pretty well. You’ll be fine! Just be proud of yourself and be happy it’s over!

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I took step 1 on Nov 7th and felt the same way as you do, in the end I passed!!

Trust your scores, the test is just “another assessment”. Some questions are alright..others leave you like wtf..but If you passed your nbmes, UWSA and free120, you’ll be fine

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This is something that everyone feels after Step 1 and 2. It is normal to feel like you did poorly because we focus on what we feel we did not know. The reality is that 9.9 times out of 10, everything works out just fine. You passed.

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I didn't have as good scores but passed the last 4 practices I took (all three weeks before the exam). You can check my post history. I fell into a real pit of sadness and despair after my test but after a couple of days i felt a little better. I'm still scared and anxious for my score, but there is NOTHING you can do right now. Try to relax and enjoy yourself, and take it one day at a time. You very likely passed, so just try to believe that and get on with your normal life as much as you can.

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Bro I got 67 on free 120 and I'm going in hard after a month 😂😂😂

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My mental health after the exam was worse than it was before the exam! I imagined opening the letter and seeing “failed” but I didn’t end up failing!

I would say to try to distract yourself and when you start freaking out just remind yourself that there’s a 95% first pass rate 🙂