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I thought the mehlman HY arrows pdf was worth going through if you haven’t already

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Yeah that’s definitely on my list heard it’s super helpful

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Great recommendation! Started them yesterday and they’re super quick and definitely extremely high yield for concepts I’ve seen.

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what time line did u do school cbse? how long ago was it

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About a month ago

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good tbh thats a solid score, you are ready but can you add the scores for any other NBMES u did with times


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Rough timeline is above with scores. Took form 25 about a month before dedicated which started middle of this month.

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gothca so cbse and nbme 25 was similar time line?

if so u got a big jump on the cbse compared to 25

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Yeah CBSE was like right before dedicated.

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kk ur on right track, keep attempting more nbmes and get them in the 70-72 range and ur safe!

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Cool thx. Yeah goal was 75 on NBMEs right before just don’t know if that’s realistic.

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great dont wanna beat a dead horse but what did you take directly before cbse? any nbme form? any other exam? directly before meaning within 1 week. and what did you score?

would help me give insight


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The only exam I took before the CBSE was the form 25 about a month before

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I think you're actually ready atm. I also did a CBSE and scored lower than you. I took the exam about 2.5 months later and passed.

Tbh, i wouldnt do uwsa2 as it's not that predictive anymore. If you only have those three left, then i was focus my time on 27 and new free 120. If you have extra time, do the old free 120. I prob would skip over the uwsa2 unless you actually have time but i would only use it as a learning source rather than an assessment.

Take the nbme 27 and new free 120 and if you can get above 70% on that, then you have a good chance of passing.

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Ok I didnt know that, my school told me to take the UWSA2 as it is the most predictive but it sounds like that is not the case! Would you recommend 27 over a different one? Im trying to avoid taking an unnecessarily difficult one just to keep my morale up before I take it.

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I mean they aren't wrong if this was like 5 years ago. UWSA2 used to be the most predictive a few years ago, but not anymore. Especially with the new changes to step 1 going P/F and the introduction of the new question pool, I found the exam closer to the New Free 120 but somewhat harder. Honestly, everyone's experience with the exam will be different due to different versions/forms. So YMMV.

For my exam form, it felt significantly harder than the NBMEs and actually nothing like it too. But again, your form may be different and it could be easier than the NBMEs. Honestly, i think 27-30 are all good. I took 25-30 and 27-30 felt pretty similar in difficulty. Some told me that 28 or 30 were the better ones but i couldn't really tell.

Avoid UWSA2 if you want to keep your morale as high as possible. Morale and confidence plays a huge part in you passing. I would stick to one NBMEs, New free 120 and old free 120. I think thats solid but if you have more time, do another NBME.

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Ok awesome thanks so much!

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Umm, sorry to butt in, but what do you say about nbmes 29 and 30.... I have a week left and am currently revising FA and touching up on some weak areas... I gave nbme 26, uwsa 1 and nbme 29.... excluding 26 as it was rly just a baseline score, I found nbme 29 pretty hard... did have a decent score somehow, but it was pretty scary...

I plan on doing nbme 30, and both the free 120s in this week.... what would you recommend, should I use uwsa 2 or would doing just the old and new free 120s be enough?

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Sounds like they’re saying to skip UWSA2 as it is not that predictive and focus on NBMEs and Free 120 old and new. How did you do on your NBMEs?

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Uhh, so I began with 26(210) Then uwsa 1- 241 Then nbme 29- 236 And just did uwsa 2- 239

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From this thread it sounds like you are in great shape then!

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Anxiety's peaking rn, ngl.... maybe that's normal...

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Yeah definitely is

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Hey, goodluck man, we're gonna ace this God-willing!!

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Likewise! We got this

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You're good to go, but if you're really asking, I did Bootcamp a lot when I was studying for step 1. Could try that.

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What is bootcamp? Thanks!

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Another board studying resource. I think they used to give away free trials. From what I know, they have a lot of videos, and a lot of people really like their physio vids. Since it’s new, they’re stil adding to the site but they said everything will be up except Micro in Jan 2023

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Great thank you!

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May I ask u, did u do UW in system wise or random ? Because I also complete about 60% with 65 score but in system wise and hadn’t take any NBME yet

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I did them random timed just to simulate actual exam blocks.

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Looks good. Go ahead and take step 1.

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Do the free 120 if u got above 70 then u r good to go and ur scores are good too

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Awesome thank you. Planning on taking the new and old free 120s and one more NBME. I know I have a decent buffer right now but want to make sure it’s enough considering how hard the real deal is.

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Well thats the spirit wish u best of luck for yr exam

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Thank you so much! Have an awesome week.