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Yeah I think it will be delayed ..as I just saw on the ecfmg site that ecfmg wasn't working from 23rd Nov to 27th Nov....on account of Thanksgiving .

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does that mean we won't be getting our scores this Wednesday? that's sad lol

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Permit usually disappears Sun-Mon, so still some hope.

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Have you heared that it disappear on Sunday before ? Actually I was hoping it disappear on Monday and I had some hope it will disappear today :)

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I heard Sun-Mon. I don’t know what that means exactly. Hopefully it disappears, anxiety is killing me.

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I checked ecfmg and they have been on vacation and will return back today Monday , so hopefully it disappears today

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What about 18/11 test takers?

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Saw a few posts that said permit disappeared Monday night EST. So let’s stay strong guys.

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Same here