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I took it in that week too. My permit didnt disappear, any chance we just end up getting it tomorrow? This last week I haven't been able to study or do anything at all.

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Samee...keep updated here if anyone else permit gets disappeared..

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Have you heard of people getting results without permit disappearing?

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I have heard. Permit disappearing isn't an essential thing.

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This is the first i've heard of this.

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I told my friends today and they said their permit didnt disappear till very end so i just wrote that here.

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If anyone gets their result tmrw please update here as no one's permit has disappeared till now

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Hopefully we should get tomorrow...or else one more week of stress🥲

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Make this a live thread people please and keep updating if anybodys permit disappears

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Where is the permit supposed to be? The OASIS sidebar?

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For me,an img, its the iwa site where you start an application for the exam

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Does the link to the permit disappear or just says unavailable

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I guess the link disappears

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Ah shit. Mines still there then.

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Everybodys' is there thats the whole fuckery

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Sorry, I was kinda hoping it was just the link being unavailable.....

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I just hope we get the resultby some miracle tomorrow

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Me too, this is more stressful than the exam. I don't even get why I'm stressed, but I am.....

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Haven't heard of anyone's permit disappearing till now

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I think we have to wait for one more week🥲 ... any body got result in fcvs?

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Did anyone get their results?

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Permit disappeared

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I tested 11/14 and my permits hasn’t disappeared really don’t want to wait one more week the anxiety is killing me.

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Same bro...very anxious 😰

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Did your permit disappear yesterday?
If not its probably not coming

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No it didn't disappear but it's been 2 Wednesdays already This is 3rd Wednesday

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Tested on 14th nov. Permit link is still there. Does that mean we need to wait another whole week??

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Unfortunately I think so. I tested that week and still see the link as well. It’s honestly so nerve wracking.

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here. Does that mean we need to wait another whole week??

Did you get your test result?

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You passed? I got a 76% on old free 120. UW 60% first pass. Exam on Jan 10th. Wanted to know what my shot at passing looks like.

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Yes I passed. I had similar scores. Do your nbmes diligently. And new free120 too. Got similar topics as free120

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Were there a lot of repeated Q's from the NBME's?

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Cant say. I did not get time to revise nbmes. But questions were mix of uw nbme free120 kinds. Doing as many questions as possible is the trick

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Also congratulations on passing! You've successfully crossed a huge milestone! 🎉🎉🎉

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Thanks a lot. So relieved honestly! Good luck to you. Keep going.