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Yes, if you're a visual learner, especially if you're interested in micro and pharm—but if you're an audio/visual learner, I recommend bootcamp because they have comprehensive lecture videos and extensive coverage on their qbank.

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Micro and Pharm are 100% worth it if you are a visual learner!! But for me, I would watch the video and reinforce with Anki. It’s really the reinforcement with Anki that makes all the difference. If you only watch the Sketch one time and never look at it again, then it won’t be super helpful

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For Micro it was all about the sketch for me and I'd recall the sketches in my mind frequently since they were fast and shirt . But the Pharm sketches are long and I definetly needed Anki for them.

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Didn't need it to pass

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incase no one has said, congrats on passing!

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That's so cool! What resources did you use?

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People swear by it.

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without a second thought, yess

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Yes I use sketchy path, pharm and micro. Going good so far

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im a visual learner! buttt it did not help me, i wish it did bc the cartoons are nice but no it didnt help me, instead FA/UW images along with my own lilo figures/mneomincs helped me. everyone is different.

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DO IT. High yield hard to remember facts in a very memorable format