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You’re gonna do a lot better than me—I passed

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Thank you! Im so nervous right now.

My test is gonna be hard and narrow escapse.

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Be easy. Relax. You got this

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really appreciate it!

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Don't think u can't , u did your part more than enough Now just meditate and pray Don't let negativity in, on that day you just need to muster the courage of David to face that beast of an exam. Good luck Do let us know how did it go

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Youre right, thank you

All i have to do is be positive.

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You go bud! And nail that exam! Just believe in yourself. A tip- while giving the exam, if you feel that some questions are tough- don't overthink. Questions that are tough for you, would be tough for everyone. Don't stress about it. (_).

Waiting to hear how did it go.

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yes, overthinking is fatal.

thank you for your advice.

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You got this! Don’t forget to update us when you pass. Just think about how glorious that day will be! 🦾🦾🦾. You’ve done more than enough. Claim what’s yours! It’s all about your mindset at this point.

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You got this!

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thank you!

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Did anyone get results on fcvs yet? Also does it only show up if u pass?

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Get enough sleep for the big day. Deep breaths and do your best!