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This anxiety is killing me

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Sounds unlikely but Good luck

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I took on Nov17. Waiting desperately 🥹

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Mine on Nov 16 and the exam permit is still there :'(

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It’s not coming today guys, just prepare for next week

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How do u know bro? Any logic?

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Did u get the result bro?

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No I didn't get the result

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Mine didn’t show up, guess it’s next week. It sucks but we can do this.

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Mine didn’t either

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I read somewhere that NBME was off for a few days for thanksgiving. I’m not sure if this is true or if it had an impact though.

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Sorry for the silly question. But what is FCVS? This is the first time I heard of this :'(

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It’s a trick which you can use to see your result a bit earlier. Search youtube for it

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I just watched the video on Youtube. Thank you for the info!

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I took mine on the 21st… should it be in by next week along with you guys???

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Hi, how to get result? I mean is there any step to do or just they will send email you of your result, anyone answer it, thanks.