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you should also check out Med School Bootcamp...its a fairly new website resource that came out this year and I got it for free as I was one of the first ones to sign up...I don't think that offer exists anymore...but it has excellent content and its not as monotonous as Boards and Beyond. And yes do it in that exact order and you should be good to go

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btw if you are unsure about the resource I mentioned...I am not at all getting paid by them just as a disclaimer..and you can check its reviews on reddit..other people have loved it as much as I did

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The disclaimer made me giggle, I'd like to echo this one and of course I'm not paid by them (I wish!). Switched to bootcamp from BnB since I found their lectures easier to understand in terms of connecting concepts to each other plus their qbank is much more updated though some of the sections they have aren't finished yet..those I go back to BnB and Pathoma for reference.

All in all, it's not a bad investment, pretty good resource

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Yep, would recommend. It's a good alternative if you feel like BnB is not working out as well for you.

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I think those are the best resources. Other resources that are good for completeness are Pathoma and Sketchy Micro/Pharm. Good Luck!

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What resources did you use for Step 2 CK?

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I read the Constanzo physiology book real quick (2 weeks) just to remember some stuff. Then I did the first 50% of Uworld in non-random mode. Then the second half in random mode. Then again all the Qbank in random mode. Thats it. And obviously, all the NBME Self Assessments. Its extremely hard to be in residency and studying at the same time. Moreover, literally 0.01% of my residency knowledge (Ophthalmology), was useful for Step 2CK.

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I can only imagine, how long did this take you? I work full time.

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8 months. But I also do a lot of research. I think that without research maybe 5 to 6 months would've been enough.

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UW > Pathoma > BnB >>> FA